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Ever wished you had a magic wand that you could wave and all the angry, upset, depressed people that you waved it at would suddenly start smiling, laughing and even jumping for joy?

Well, I have such a wand… and I made you a quick video showing you how you can get one free and how to use it….

By the end of the video you’ll know 5 essential communication skills for turning an angry person into a purring pussycat…

5 Essential Communication Skills For Conflict Resolution

Once you’re done watching the video, you can download a free pdf printout of these 5 conflict resolution tips.

Let the games begin… Now go share this video with your loved ones and begin practicing!


P.S. As always, your comments are welcomed and always read. Let me know how this video impacted you and if you loved it, I’d be forever grateful if you LIKED it on Facebook and Google +1.

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  • Sophia

    So cute Bruce! I laughed and smiled all through the video and I think you are so right! I actually sometimes say to husband that I just want him to say that I’m the best and stuff like that, and he says “but you already know that”. i’ll show him the video, maybe he’ll get it. 😉
    Spring greetings from Denmark

  • Liza

    As usual NEVER a boring moment with Bruce Muzik:-)
    And………..the wedding ring Bruce???
    Anything you would care to share with us?

    • Bruce Muzik

      🙂 Not so much a wedding ring as a commitment ring.

  • Dale Burrell

    Very good Bruce, although from my own experience I find it easy to do those things when I’m not triggered, but it takes a currently unknown factor to allow me to do them when I’ve been triggered. Pure willpower, or just plain knowing I should is not enough in the moment.

  • Raeleen

    I really liked the video / content but I had this nagging thought that if I was in your audience I would still want to know how to resolve the actual sample argument (garbage not being taken out). When I give talks this is the question that comes up. They want to know HOW to get the person to actually take out the trash even if they are following all the steps. The trash is also still important. What would you tell them? Thanks for your help.

    • Bruce Muzik

      Raeleen, good question… It’s a totally different topic, but here are my 2 cents worth.

      If someone asked me “How do I get my partner to take the trash out?” I’d tell them to stop trying to manipulate their partner to take the trash out and begin LOVING their partner so much that they were inspired to take the trash out, out of love.

      In un-conscious relationships, manipulation can feel like the only way to get someone to do something. In a conscious relationship it would be a non-issue becasue the partner not taking the trash out would respond to his partner’s complaint with a willingness to do whatever would bring more love to the relationship.

      Now, of course, the % of people actually ready to have think kind of relationship is a lot smaller, which is why some people reading this are going to think that I’m living in a fantasy land.

      You can’t force anyone to do anything… and you can’t change people. Using manipulative techniques to get someone to do something is not sustainable in an intimacy if you ask me.

      If a partner still refuses to take the trash out, then the conversation to have would be one that gets to the bottom of WHY they are not fulfilling their agreement to take the trash out and dealing with that.

      From there you can find a solution that works for everyone:
      e.g. the partner recommits to taking the trash out, or they hire someone to take the trash out or get the kids to do it etc…

      Maybe that’s 3 cents worth…

      • Raeleen

        Thanks so much Bruce, This was helpful follow up.

        • Bruce Muzik

          Hi Raeleen,

          I’ve been thinking about my response above all weekend and the more I think about it the more I wouldn’t have said what I said.

          I’d rather say to the complainer, “What is it inside you that gets triggered when your partner does not take the trash out?” and then look for the underlying fear. Then I’d ask the partner “What is it inside you that gets triggered when you’re asked to take the trash out and you don’t?”

          From there, a honest communication can ensue about the underlying motives that trigger the heated emotions. The upset on each side has nothing to do with the trash and everything to do with the couple’s unacknowledged fears.

          There you have it. My 4th cent!

  • Lenka

    Bruce, I have been watching many of your videos and this one really hits home. Love it! Beautifully said and demonstrated!Can’t wait for the purring pussycats around me. 🙂

  • John

    Great video. You sir are a dude!

  • Chelsea

    I can personally attest that you demonstrate each of these steps in your own life and relationships. This video has powerful insights and clear breakdown for each tip that makes it practical and applicable. Awesome!

    • L. J.

      I really appreciate these tips. I am happy and excited to apply them. I was just wondering how will I be able to achieve a successful conversation if I am the one who is angry to a certain person. What if it is the other way around? Do you have any tips for that? Thank you.

      • Bruce Muzik

        Same steps L.J.

        Work to discover why you are angry with that person. What your underlying fear is, what your positive intention is and what their positive intention is. Do as much of the work yourself before sharing with the person you’re angry with. By the time you’ve gone through this process, you may not even be angry anymore as you realize that it is ALL you!

        • L. J.

          Thank you so much for replying. I will definitely want to apply this. Especially now that I have cancer. I really have to learn how to manage stress. Every day is a learning process. Thank you. God bless you. 🙂

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