My alarm went off at 05:45 and I hit snooze…

I couldn’t get out of bed this morning.

A little voice in my head was telling me,
“Sleep in Bruce… It’s warm and comfortable here and it’s cold and dark outside”.

Then, another voice in my head piped up and began doing battle with the first voice saying,
“Bruce! You committed to going to the gym every morning this month. Don’t let yourself down…”

Jeez, it was a tough 30 minute match, but in the end, the 2nd voice won and I went to gym. I’m on a mission to get 6-pack abs and more often than not, in order to manifest the BIG things in life, you need to get yourself uncomfortable.

In fact, I’d go as far to say that real transformation cannot happen inside your comfort zone…

So, I made this video to share some insight on how YOU can go about transforming some area(s) of your life. You won’t hear this from most other teachers of the Law Of Attraction, so prepare to be shocked!


If you can’t see YouTube videos, watch this video on Google.

Bruce Muzik

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P.P.S. Check out the PopEye video below. If you don’t want to watch the whole thing, watch minutes 4:45 onwards. Notice how PopEye and Olive both transform at the end of the video (5:35)

P.P.P.S. My new friend, Dr. Joe Vitale just released an amazing new video on the 4 stages of awakening. If you want to see which stage you’re at, go watch it here.

Click here to see Dr. Joe Vitale teach about the 4 stages of awakening.

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