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Can An Idea Kill?

I made this weird video to promote TEDxSinCity. It actually has a profound message if you listen carefully.

My Secret Weapon

Web's Best Brain GamesI’ve been waiting some time to reveal this resource to you,
because I wanted to test it thoroughly first before I let you
in on it. It’s still relatively unknown and I’m the only
person I know who knows about it… Until this post…

A few months ago I stumbled on a website that I have
literally become addicted to. In fact, I spend at least 10
minutes every morning on this website because it does such
good things for me.

Since I started visiting this website, I think faster, my
memory has radically increased, and I generally get more done
in my day.

Go check it out here:

I’ve been laughing my ass of with glee, slamming my fist on
the desk with frustration and patting myself on the back
every morning for the last 3 months. It’s a great way to
start the day…

If you want to know what the hell I’m talking about, then go
check out what the boys at Lumos Labs have been up to. Some
of the world’s leading neuroscience and cognitive psychology
researchers have made this site possible.

Good luck this weekend… I know that you might not leave your
desk all weekend after checking this out!

Your partner in success,


Pimp Your Brain?

The Brain Booster BoxIf you’re on my mailing list, you’ll know that I’ve spent the last three weeks staring at my computer, working long hours and drinking too much coffee…


I’ve been preparing to release a product I am super proud of – The Brain Booster series.

Do yourself a favor and go check it out: Boost Your Brain here.

I’m off to sleep for a week!

Brain Entrainment Works For Gaming!

I have these Brain Training games that I play on my PC. For the last week, I have been tearing my hair out attempting to move to the next level in the game, but my brain was not allowing it!

I have been developing some Brain Entrainment CD’s to help get my brain into some deep trace like states, so I though “Why not try listening to the concentration one while playing the game?”

Well, I beat my top score and moved to the next level within minutes!

I am amazed. Gaming performance is a great objective test for Brain Entrainment. Mostly, I just notice that I feel good, or that I feel focussed, but to actually get direct feedback like this is exciting.

I’ll be releasing a set of Brain Entrainment CD’s soon. Watch this space. Here’s a sneak preview of the Box set, which will cover training your brain to:

  • Release your Creativity
  • Focus and concentrate
  • Reduce Stress
  • Help you relax
  • Give you an energy boost when you need it
  • Help your body heal faster
  • Put you to sleep when the voice inside your head won’t shut up!

I’ll keep you posted when the Brain Booster series are complete

Brain Entrainment rocks!

The Brain Booster Box

My firends justs did something MAD!

Damien SennLast week, TWO of my very successful friends, David DeAngelis (aka The Money Shaman) and Damien Senn came round to my house to film some business videos in my new video studio (which occasionally moonlights as my lounge…).

As I was filming them, I got so EXCITED by the information they were sharing, that I pleaded with them to let me send you some of it.

So, after 7 days and nights of editing (not to mention lots of coffee), they’ve created a 7 part Video eCourse just for you, called ‘Dream Your Business’ that will teach you how you can discover your dream business AND make a fortune with it.

David De AngelisIt’s a totally awesome program and best of all, they’re not charging for it! Don’t ask me why???

So, go sign up now for your ‘Dream Your Business’ video eCourse while it’s still available:

Have another miraculous day.

Your partner in success,


P.S. I just signed up myself and saw that not only have they given you some cool videos, but also workbooks and guided visualizations too! This really is insane value, considering that they’re not charging anything for it…

So go sign up now.

Master the Inner Game and the Outer Game of Money
with Bruce Muzik and Wendi Friesen.

Are you still struggling to make the kind of MONEY you would LOVE to be making?

Does creating WEALTH sometimes feel like an uphill battle?

Watch the recording of the FreeFlow Online Seminar here.

In today’s world, everyone has a different opinion about how to become wealthy. Some teachers tell you to diversify your investments while others will tell you to FOCUS on one thing. Some teachers teach that property is the BEST investment vehicle, while others will tell you to BUY a franchise.

Everybody has a valid opinion and everybody thinks that their opinion is right. It probably is, but it is right for them because of who they are, and may be very, very wrong for you.
There Are Only EIGHT Paths To Wealth
Each one of us also has the potential to amass large amounts of wealth effortlessly, but only if we create it in a particular way. Just like Tiger Woods is naturally predisposed to playing golf, so you too are naturally predisposed to creating wealth in a particular way – a way that is the most natural (and most effortless) for you.

Join us, Bruce Muzik and Wendi Friesen for TWO hours of profound insight and straight talk about HOW you can become a person who attracts REAL wealth, without the struggle.

Wendi will teach you:

  • How your childhood conditioning is still influencing your finances today.
  • That you probably have a love / hate with money and what to do about it.

Bruce will teach you:

  • How FLOW relates to making omney
  • The EIGHT Wealth Profiles and how each profile creates wealth effortlessly.

PLEASE NOTE: You will NOT learn ANY new MONEY making techniques here.

You can BUY those in a bookstore. However, you WILL learn who you need to be and how you can CLAIM your WEALTH naturally, FREE from the struggle.

If you missed the FreeFlow Wealth Seminar that Wendi Friesen and I led, I’ve made it available for you to watch online here.