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Get This Software!

As much as I cringe at the get-rich-quick mentality that makes people write to me asking how to use the Law Of Attraction to win the lottery (really… I get this all the time), I got an email this morning that made me sit up straight and take out my wallet.

In the email (below) my client shared how she used Subliminal Software to win a car, then win $1000, then win $8956.00 from a 20 cent slot machine.

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My client's email - click to enlarge

Sound like hype?

Well, about 6 years ago I used the same software to find and buy my dream house (brand new) for $80,000 below market value… then I forgot all about it.

It’s pretty rare that I come out and just blatantly tell you to go buy something. You know… I usually try to be at least a little subtle about it or something, right?

But not this time. This is the real deal.

I just-this-second bought the software (mine was lost when a waitress spilled my drink into my last computer) and I’m itching to begin using it again.

Grab this software for Mac or PC

Talk soon,

P.S. I’ve also used this software to manifest a 6-pack (not the beer kind) and my dream motorcycle…

P.P.S. I don’t believe in the “genie in the sky” type of manifesting promoted in The Secret movie. Bringing anything worthwhile into the world requires the right mindset and a ton of work – just ask any parent.

Here’s how to make manifesting easier and faster using your computer

P.P.P.S. If you buy something as a result of reading this, I’ll get paid money that I will almost certainly squander on guitars or kite-surfing gear (or something equally stupid).

New Designer Life Logo

I decided that Designer Life needed a new look in 2009, so I set about finding a designer to create a new logo that was fresh and represented my vision for helping people create lives that they love.

I eventually discovered a great new website called www.99designs.com. It’s like an auction site for designs.

Basically you post a contest with a design brief and how much you are willing to pay for the winning design. Then, hundreds of designers actually design logos for you for FREE! You only pay for the winning one.

Here is the new Designer Life Logo:

Designer Life logo

The sun rising represents new beginnings. It took a week of guiding the designers and I’m so happy with it. I hope you like it as much as I do. Read the rest of this entry

XL Extraordinary Lives Award – I came 2nd!!!

Well, this morning has been a good one!

I just found out that I have come in as one of two runners up in the XL 2008 Extraordinary Lives award!

The winner was Dr John DeMartini, so I am in good company…

XL Results Foundation is a organization that consists of Social Entrepreneurs committed to giving back. Each year, 100 members (out of 4000 or so) are nominated for the award. Nominees are extraordinary people who are making a difference in the world.

So, you can imagine what an honor it is not only to be nominated, but to also come in second place!

Read the XL press release.

Thanks to everyone who voted for me and helped me achieve this honor. Needless to say, I am blown away!

Wow, what an honor…

I’ve just been chosen as one of 100 people nominated for the XL Extraordinary Lives Award alongside giants such as Dr John DeMartini. The award is given to someone who has been an inspiration to others, has grown their power to create and contribute wealth and has contributed back in a meaningful way.

Each year 100 people are chosen from the thousands of XL Life Members and only one will win. The winner gets $3000 to give to the charity of their choice. Cool, hey? Read the rest of this entry

My Portable Video Studio

For those of you who are interested…

1 x Sony SR7 Camcorder
1 x Laptop
1 x 2 man tent
1 x Honda CBR600
TOTAL = A lot of fun with video…

My Portable Video Editing Suite