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How I Lost 10 Pounds In 10 Days?

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Todd and Steph
I’ve been keeping quiet about my recent physical transformation because I’m not really in the weight-loss industry, but today I figured, “Hey, being in great shape is all a part of living a Designer Life”, so I’ve decided to share my secret weight-loss weapons with you – Todd Sedelmeier and Steph Gariano.

PRESS PLAY (below) and you’ll hear me interviewing Todd and Steph about how to lose 10 pounds in 10 days and keep it off, without dieting or starving yourself.

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In this interview you’ll learn:

  • How I lost 10 pounds (4.5kg) in 10 days by eating more than I ever have
  • The TOP 3 mistakes people make when trying to get the body of their dreams
  • Todd and Steph’s TOP 3 tips for losing weight fast and keeping it off, without dieting.

Learn more from Todd and Steph here.

WARNING: This interview contains information that could radically change your weight. If you are not ready to lose weight, do not listen to this call.

To take advantage of Todd and Steph’s ridiculous offer, go to and check out what they are doing to help you lose weight fast. It’s the most unbelievable deal I have EVER seen.

Either they’re incredibly generous or just plain stupid. I really hope it’s the former…
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My Fat Loss Diary

This is the post where I track my personal weight loss program during the month of February 2009…

THE GOAL: 6-pack abs in 1 month

THE METHOD: High Intensity Cardio 6 days a week. Slow weight training 3 days a week. Fat and Protein diet with lots of water…

Day 28 – The Last Day!

Found a gym and worked out hard. I can’t believe that I 28 days have passed already. Feels like only 2 weeks since I started this mission. Well, I failed to reach my goal of a 6-pack. I’m not dissappointed becasue I learned so much about nutrition and how my body works. I lost about 3% body fat in total, maintained most of my muscle mass and reduced my weight by 2 kg. My love handles are almost gone and I can see the beginnings of my 6-pack, which feels good.

So what next? I’m going to take a break while I’m in South Africa, although I’ll keep doing cardio and some body weight exercises to maintain my current physique. Then, in April, I’ll get back on another program to focus stictly on building muscle with 3 primary ‘multi joint exercises – deadlifts, bench press and squats…

I’ll create another pose to track that then.

Thanks to everyone who encouraged me. Your support spurred me on and updating this post every day kept me focused and committed.

I have answered some of your questions in the comments below.

Till next time, keep fit!

Bruce Muzik

Day 27

Ran on the beach for the first time in ages… It’s hot here, so I hope I burned more calories than usual. Cannot track my body fay % here as I left my scales in London! No space in my my luggage for those…
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