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Nelson Mandela: 1 Thing You Didn’t Know About Him

Here’s something you may not know about Nelson Mandela.

Nelson Mandela Was A Hopeless Romantic

Besides being a freedom fighter and visionary leader, Madiba (Nelson Mandela’s tribal name) was also a starry eyed Lover – with a capital L.

Married 3 times, his love for his 2nd wife, Winnie, got him through 27 years in prison.

From his prison cell on Robben Island he wrote regularly to Winnie. In one letter he wrote:

“Your beautiful photo still stands about two feet above my left shoulder as I write this note. I dust it carefully every morning, for to do so gives me the pleasant feeling that I’m caressing you as in the old days. I even touch your nose with mine to recapture the electric current that used to flush through my blood whenever I did so.” – Nelson Mandela – April 15, 1976.

Electric current flushing through his blood? These are the poetic words of a man deeply in love.

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Radical Forgiveness: The Perfect Apology

16 years ago, a woman I was deeply in love with suddenly left me and never came back. I never saw or heard from her again.

I found out via some friends that she had fallen in love with a friend of mine and was engaged to be married to him just weeks after leaving me.

For 16 years, I wondered why she left me… and each year, I’d try to contact her hoping to finally heal the wound that remained so raw in my heart all those years.

Radical ForgivenessToday, 16 years later, she reached out to me and gave me the most beautiful gift.

“I’m sorry”, she said, “really, heartfelt sorry for causing you pain…”

I sobbed and sobbed as 16 years of old hurt and pain (some of which I never even knew existed) began leaving my heart. Read the rest of this entry

Two Big, Embarrassing CONFESSIONS

Before I get to not one but *TWO* big, embarrassing confessions (hell, I’d rather not get to them at all…) let me ask you a question to make myself feel better:

Tell me something…

Have you ever met someone who you felt might be “the one” and then totally “blown it” with them?

Maybe you thought you really had a “chance” of being together forever?

But somewhere along the line, something went WRONG… the chemistry between you was electrifying at first, but over time your connection faded and you began to argue with each other.

Then, either:

  1. one of you ended the relationship… OR
  2. you’re still with him/her, but you feel stuck – feeling trapped or alone in a relationship filled with tension and fuzzy communication.

Either way, here comes my embarrassing CONFESSION #1: Read the rest of this entry

How To Be A Truly Great Leader

Have you ever dreamed of doing something truly great? Here’s what the world’s truly greatest leaders all have in common…

Earlier this year, I met Jean Oelang – the CEO of Virgin Unite, Richard Branson’s not-for-profit organization.

Jean was involved in helping select a group of the worlds greatest leaders (including Nelson Mandela) to be a part of The Elders (read more about them in the box below).

The Elders

The Elders

As I read more about the inception of The Elders, I learned that a strict criteria was used to ensure that only people of the highest caliber were selected for the group.

I personally love this set of criteria and they spoke to me in a way that called me to become the kind of person who could have been selected too.

I’m sharing them here with you in the hope that they will call you to becoming a greater version of yourself and do something truly great in your life. Read the rest of this entry

The Relationship Manifesto

Jean and Sir Richard

Jean and Sir Richard

The Secret Of The Elders…

Last week, I had the great privilege of befriending Jean Oelwang – the CEO of Virgin Unite – Sir Richard Branson’s not-for-profit organization.

Jean has met some pretty influential leaders in her time working for Sir Richard, and she told me a story that inspired me and confirmed something I’ve suspected for a long time.

Jean shared with me that she spent a few days on Nekker Island with The Elders.

The Elders is a group of the greatest peace makers and social revolutionaries of our time. It was founded by Nelson Mandela, is chaired by Archbishop Desmond Tutu and includes people like Kofi Annan and Jimmy Carter.

Recently, Sir Richard charged Jean with the task of observing and studying The Elders (during their time on his Caribbean Island) to find out what they all had in common.

Want to know what Jean discovered?

It’s not what you might think… Read the rest of this entry

Get This Software!

As much as I cringe at the get-rich-quick mentality that makes people write to me asking how to use the Law Of Attraction to win the lottery (really… I get this all the time), I got an email this morning that made me sit up straight and take out my wallet.

In the email (below) my client shared how she used Subliminal Software to win a car, then win $1000, then win $8956.00 from a 20 cent slot machine.

Click to enlarge

My client's email - click to enlarge

Sound like hype?

Well, about 6 years ago I used the same software to find and buy my dream house (brand new) for $80,000 below market value… then I forgot all about it.

It’s pretty rare that I come out and just blatantly tell you to go buy something. You know… I usually try to be at least a little subtle about it or something, right?

But not this time. This is the real deal.

I just-this-second bought the software (mine was lost when a waitress spilled my drink into my last computer) and I’m itching to begin using it again.

Grab this software for Mac or PC

Talk soon,

P.S. I’ve also used this software to manifest a 6-pack (not the beer kind) and my dream motorcycle…

P.P.S. I don’t believe in the “genie in the sky” type of manifesting promoted in The Secret movie. Bringing anything worthwhile into the world requires the right mindset and a ton of work – just ask any parent.

Here’s how to make manifesting easier and faster using your computer

P.P.P.S. If you buy something as a result of reading this, I’ll get paid money that I will almost certainly squander on guitars or kite-surfing gear (or something equally stupid).

My Top 3 Life Lessons Learned In 2011

Boy, am I glad 2011 is over!

2011 was a helluva year for me – certainly the most challenging one so far.

At the end of each year I look back and write a list of everything I learned that year… and 2011’s list was long.

So that someone other than me benefits from my mistakes, here are the most valuable 3 life lessons I learned in 2011.

LIFE LESSON #1: When I Face My Biggest Fears, Good Things Always Happen…

It was 14 May 2011 and I’m in Las Vegas standing in the wings about to be introduced to the TEDxSinCity audience as their next keynote speaker.

I’m nervous and excited at the same time…

Nervous because this is the most important speech of my life so far and if I fuck it up, I’ll look really bad in front of some of my most respected peers – and the world (watching the event live over the internet).

One year earlier, when asked if I’d like to take responsibility for organizing and speaking at the event, I almost backed out of the opportunity of a lifetime – to have the honor to speak at a prestigious TEDx event and have my work impact thousands of people on the internet.

“I just don’t have the time to put into organizing that kind of event and writing a speech…” was the pathetic excuse I came up with. Read the rest of this entry

My Ghetto Liberation

In this video interview, I share about my experience living in the black ghetto of Guguletu in South Africa as the only white man among 100,000 black Africans.


P.S. Please leave your comments below and share what you learned…

How I Conquerd A Childhood Fear…

Have you ever not done something you really wanted to do because you were too darn scared?… and then hated yourself for chickening out?

I have.

This weekend, I conquered a childhood fear and fulfilled a lifelong dream at the same time… and then I created a 3 minute video to inspire you to conquer yours.

Life’s too short to be held back by limiting beliefs and irrational fears.

Watch the video and conquer yours…

Your partner in success,


P.S. In this quick video I reveal a very out of fashion clothing accessory. Wear it at your own risk…

P.P.S. Please leave a comment below and let me know what fear you’re going to conquer this week and how you’re going to do it…

The Most Powerful Manifesting Technique EVER

I ran over a dog last night!

It was dark and I was driving to the airport to collect two friends visiting me on the island. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a dog running across the freeway…

I slammed on my brakes, trying to keep the car from skidding out of control, but the dog kept running. Seconds later I felt a series of loud thuds followed by shrieks of terror and agony as the dog got dragged underneath my truck.

My heart started racing and time slowed down to a standstill as adrenaline pumped into my veins.

“Oh s#%t”, I thought to myself…

as I looked in the rear view mirror and saw the injured dog writhing in the middle of the freeway.

The dog’s agonized howls penetrated my car even though I had music playing, the windows were shut and I was 100 meters down the road.

I’m not proud to admit it, but my first thought was:

“There’s no way that this dog is going to be alive much longer… Another car will probably hit it again in a few seconds. I’m going to keep driving to the airport, pick up my friends and forget this ever happened…”

I kept driving for another 10 seconds, but the dog’s agonized howls haunted me like the sound of a baby crying for its mother. Read the rest of this entry

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