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How To Feel Your Best Every Day

Have you ever wondered why some days you feel PHENOMENAL and other days you feel just… BLAH?

In this short 3 minute video, you’ll discover how you create both… and how to have more phenomenal days…

If you do the exercise the way I describe it in the video above, you’ll discover something truly valuable about yourself and how you go about creating your reality. This is a high leverage exercise, and I recommend doing it right now.

Here are my highest leverage activities that energize and drain me. I’d be curious to hear yours in the comments below.


  • Eating a high protein breakfast within 30 minutes of waking up.
  • Visualizing my ideal future every morning using my Relaxation For Manifestation mind programmer.
  • Listening to an inspiring audio-book while doing mundane activities, like cooking or driving
  • Drinking 2 liters of water each day.
  • Doing creative work that keeps me in my Wealth Dynamics Profile.
  • Exercise – Kitesurfing or going to the gym
  • Leaving the house and working from a vibey coffee shop


  • Avoiding anything – particularly sharing how I am feeling with my intimate partner
  • Going without eating or drinking water for more than 4 hours
  • Hanging on to resentment
  • Resisting the way things are
  • Not completing the 1 major task I set out to do for the day
  • Consistently not sticking to my calendar
  • Checking business related email before 2pm
  • Wasting time doing things that add no value to my life or the lives of others

P.S. I’d be very interested to hear what energizes and drains you? Feel free to leave me a comment below.

Limiting Beliefs And How to Live With Ease

If your limiting beliefs are running your life, you’ll always struggle to get what you want out of your life.

In this video, I explain why so many of us struggle to succeed and what to do to live life with ease.

How To Manifest Your Dream Life – Part 2

Sunset In Turks And Caicos
This video blog post is the second video in a series of videos called
“How to Attract Your Dream Life”.

In this video you’ll learn:

  • Why you’re still struggling to manifest the BIG stuff.
  • THREE essential steps you MUST take in order to re-program your mind to achieve your ‘authentic promise’ (see last week’s video)


Please leave a comment (below) and let me know what you thought of the video or any questions you may have about the Law Of Attraction.

Bruce Muzik

P.S. If you missed the first video in this series, you’ll find it here. To watch the third, click here.

P.P.S. I only have TWO  Brain Blueprinting spots available each month, so be sure to check Brain Blueprinting out here.

Why We're Getting Dumber Every Year

Wyatt Woodsmall

Wyatt Woodsmall

What do Visualization, IQ and Television have in common?

I recently attended an incredible seminar called “Advanced Learning and Teaching Strategies”. The seminar was being taught by internet marketing genius, Eben Pagan, and his coach Wyatt Woodsmall.

Wyatt is possibly one of the most brilliant men I have ever met. His understanding of the human mind and how it works is beyond anything I’ve seen. I wasn’t surprised to learn that Wyatt trained Tony Robbins.

Anyway, during the seminar, Wyatt shared that the average IQ has been dropping for the last 50 years. That means that for the last 50 years, human beings have been becoming dumber and dumber.

Watch the video below to find out WHY this is and WHAT you can do to make sure you get smarter, instead of dumber.

Check out what the Relaxation For Manifestation
can do for you here.

Check out Lumosity Brain Training games free trial here.

Bruce Muzik

The video below will guide you through creating a vision for 2009 that will propel you forward, way beyond any traditional goal setting. Put aside 15 minutes once you have watched the video to complete the exercise.

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My Secret Weapon

Web's Best Brain GamesI’ve been waiting some time to reveal this resource to you,
because I wanted to test it thoroughly first before I let you
in on it. It’s still relatively unknown and I’m the only
person I know who knows about it… Until this post…

A few months ago I stumbled on a website that I have
literally become addicted to. In fact, I spend at least 10
minutes every morning on this website because it does such
good things for me.

Since I started visiting this website, I think faster, my
memory has radically increased, and I generally get more done
in my day.

Go check it out here:


I’ve been laughing my ass of with glee, slamming my fist on
the desk with frustration and patting myself on the back
every morning for the last 3 months. It’s a great way to
start the day…

If you want to know what the hell I’m talking about, then go
check out what the boys at Lumos Labs have been up to. Some
of the world’s leading neuroscience and cognitive psychology
researchers have made this site possible.

Good luck this weekend… I know that you might not leave your
desk all weekend after checking this out!

Your partner in success,


Pimp Your Brain?

The Brain Booster BoxIf you’re on my mailing list, you’ll know that I’ve spent the last three weeks staring at my computer, working long hours and drinking too much coffee…


I’ve been preparing to release a product I am super proud of – The Brain Booster series.

Do yourself a favor and go check it out: Boost Your Brain here.

I’m off to sleep for a week!

The Straw And The Potato

In this fun and informal interview, my good friend Darren Eden shares about how to live in intuition and how our assumptions run our lives for us.

Look out for the Straw and Potato exercise at 5:15 minutes.

If you want to see Darren live in person, get on down to his free talk in London on October 1 2008. Check out his website for details.

I’ve attended his seminars and they are AMAZING – mind blowing, actually. You’ll walk away with a radically new understanding of what you are capable of and having had a practical expereince of your own intuition. Highly recommended.

Darren is also giving away a cool FREE audio recording at his website called “How To Succeed In Business Using Your Intuition.” Go and download it now, while its still free.

Brain Entrainment Works For Gaming!

I have these Brain Training games that I play on my PC. For the last week, I have been tearing my hair out attempting to move to the next level in the game, but my brain was not allowing it!

I have been developing some Brain Entrainment CD’s to help get my brain into some deep trace like states, so I though “Why not try listening to the concentration one while playing the game?”

Well, I beat my top score and moved to the next level within minutes!

I am amazed. Gaming performance is a great objective test for Brain Entrainment. Mostly, I just notice that I feel good, or that I feel focussed, but to actually get direct feedback like this is exciting.

I’ll be releasing a set of Brain Entrainment CD’s soon. Watch this space. Here’s a sneak preview of the Box set, which will cover training your brain to:

  • Release your Creativity
  • Focus and concentrate
  • Reduce Stress
  • Help you relax
  • Give you an energy boost when you need it
  • Help your body heal faster
  • Put you to sleep when the voice inside your head won’t shut up!

I’ll keep you posted when the Brain Booster series are complete

Brain Entrainment rocks!

The Brain Booster Box

How to hear your intuition

If you have been following my series of posts on INTUITION, you will want to listen to my intervew with Darren Eden below.

Last week, having just posted my last blog on Intuition, I received a call inviting me to a networking event.

Networking events are not my cup of tea and I usually decline these invitations, but something inside (do you think it was intuition?) urged me to go.

Darren EdenAs I arrived, I introduced myself to the first man I saw. We got chatting and I asked him what he did for a living. He replied, “I teach people how to MASTER their INTUITION!”

His answer sent a tingle down my spine and I sensed that this was too synchronous an opportunity to pass up, so I did what I always do when faced with synchronicity – I took ACTION!

I asked him if he would teach you about “How to be more intuitive.” He agreed and I’ve posted the interview here.

Take a listen now – it’s fascinating.

The Darren Eden INTUITION interview:

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Listen now or download the Darren Eden INTUITION Interview.


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