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Two Big, Embarrassing CONFESSIONS

Before I get to not one but *TWO* big, embarrassing confessions (hell, I’d rather not get to them at all…) let me ask you a question to make myself feel better:

Tell me something…

Have you ever met someone who you felt might be “the one” and then totally “blown it” with them?

Maybe you thought you really had a “chance” of being together forever?

But somewhere along the line, something went WRONG… the chemistry between you was electrifying at first, but over time your connection faded and you began to argue with each other.

Then, either:

  1. one of you ended the relationship… OR
  2. you’re still with him/her, but you feel stuck – feeling trapped or alone in a relationship filled with tension and fuzzy communication.

Either way, here comes my embarrassing CONFESSION #1: Read the rest of this entry

My Top 3 Life Lessons Learned In 2011

Boy, am I glad 2011 is over!

2011 was a helluva year for me – certainly the most challenging one so far.

At the end of each year I look back and write a list of everything I learned that year… and 2011’s list was long.

So that someone other than me benefits from my mistakes, here are the most valuable 3 life lessons I learned in 2011.

LIFE LESSON #1: When I Face My Biggest Fears, Good Things Always Happen…

It was 14 May 2011 and I’m in Las Vegas standing in the wings about to be introduced to the TEDxSinCity audience as their next keynote speaker.

I’m nervous and excited at the same time…

Nervous because this is the most important speech of my life so far and if I fuck it up, I’ll look really bad in front of some of my most respected peers – and the world (watching the event live over the internet).

One year earlier, when asked if I’d like to take responsibility for organizing and speaking at the event, I almost backed out of the opportunity of a lifetime – to have the honor to speak at a prestigious TEDx event and have my work impact thousands of people on the internet.

“I just don’t have the time to put into organizing that kind of event and writing a speech…” was the pathetic excuse I came up with. Read the rest of this entry

How To Manifest Your Dream Life – Part 1

Photo by Sky#Walker

I’m excited…

For quite some time, I have dreamed of moving to a Caribbean island, kite surfing every day and remote controlling my business from the beach.

Well, I’m thrilled to be able to share with you that I’ve made my dream come true.

Watch the video below, because in it I’m going to share exactly how I did it and draw some distinctions that you can use immediately to manifest your dream life too…

In this video, you’re going to learn:

  • A little known (and scary) manifesting technique for motivating yourself to take action every time. I’ve NEVER taught this technique publicly before…
  • How to make sure you don’t make the BIGGEST mistake most people make with the Law Of Attraction…
  • You’ll also get a sneak peek of my new front garden in paradise…

Once you’ve watched the video, please let me know what you thought by leaving me a comment down below…

To watch the SECOND PART of this series of Law Of Attraction videos, click here.

Bruce Muzik

P.S. You can watch the Trim Tabbing video I spoke of here:

XL Extraordinary Lives Award – I came 2nd!!!

Well, this morning has been a good one!

I just found out that I have come in as one of two runners up in the XL 2008 Extraordinary Lives award!

The winner was Dr John DeMartini, so I am in good company…

XL Results Foundation is a organization that consists of Social Entrepreneurs committed to giving back. Each year, 100 members (out of 4000 or so) are nominated for the award. Nominees are extraordinary people who are making a difference in the world.

So, you can imagine what an honor it is not only to be nominated, but to also come in second place!

Read the XL press release.

Thanks to everyone who voted for me and helped me achieve this honor. Needless to say, I am blown away!

Wow, what an honor…

I’ve just been chosen as one of 100 people nominated for the XL Extraordinary Lives Award alongside giants such as Dr John DeMartini. The award is given to someone who has been an inspiration to others, has grown their power to create and contribute wealth and has contributed back in a meaningful way.

Each year 100 people are chosen from the thousands of XL Life Members and only one will win. The winner gets $3000 to give to the charity of their choice. Cool, hey? Read the rest of this entry

Thank God I… had my first book signing

Thank God I Am A Published Author!What an exciting weekend I just had. I’ve just got home from my first ever book signing at the Agape Spiritual Centre in Los Angeles.

That’s me in the middle holding my book (with 9 of the other authors) >>>

In December 2006, on New Year’s Eve, I met up with 4 of my close friends and we set our goals for 2007. One of my goals was to have a book published and have it go to #1 on the NY Times bestseller list. Well, the first part just got ticked off, now for the second…

The book, titled “Thank God I…” is a compilation of 47 inspirational short stories about regular people overcoming extraordinary circumstances. Each story is entitled “Thank God I…” e.g. “Thank God I Was Raped” and “Thank God I Went Bankrupt” etc…

My story in the book tells the tale of how I spent SIX months living as the only white man in an African township (shanty town). It just got published in a book called “Thank God I…”

My story is called “Thank God I Was A Racist” and is an honest account of how I overcame my racial conditioning that I inherited while growing up in apartheid South Africa by moving to Gugletu. Guguletu (population 100,000) is a shanty town 15 km outside Cape Town. After SIX months of living there as the only white man, any predjudice I had moving in was completely gone. It was a defining expereince in my life.

You can get yourself a copy at Amazon and read these 47 inspiring stories. We (the authors) need all the help we can get making this book reach #1 on the NY Times bestseller list, so please tell all your friends about it too and help us make this book a bestseller.

How I Survived Being Mugged At Gunpoint

Your response to last week’s post on INTUITION was overwhelmingly positive, so this week we are going to delve deeper into this mysterious world. If you missed
last week, visit to catch up.


I’ve noticed a lot of lazy thinking and misinformation when it comes to INTUITION.

The New Age community are particularly quick to credit INTUITION to explain what is often INSTINCT.

So, let’s look at what the difference is…

My dictionary defines INSTINCT as “a natural or innate impulse, inclination, or tendency.” So what the dictionary is implying is that INSTINCT is both NATURAL and INNATE (a function of the intellect).

INSTINCT is not supernatural in any way. It’s just your unconscious mind rapidly computing millions of variables in the blink of an eye; what Malcolm Gladwell calls
‘thinking without thinking’ in his book “Blink”.

INTUITION, on the other hand, could be thought of as ‘knowing without knowing’. My dictionary defines it as “the direct perception of truth, fact, etc., independent of any reasoning process.” In other words, INTUITION does NOT involve any mental process.

So, we can loosely distinguish INSTINCT as a NATURAL process of rapid thought and INTUITION as a SUPERNATURAL process of knowing.


In 2003, I arrived home at 1am on a dark, rainy night. As I got out of my car, two men approached me asking for a cigarette. I cheerily answered that I didn’t smoke and continued to lock my car.

Suddenly, one of the men grabbed my cell phone and before I knew it he was threatening to shoot me. Although he was not pointing an actual gun at me, he had his hand on the front of his belt and told me that he had a gun and would kill me if I tried to follow them. My attackers then turned and fled into the rainy darkness.


…but was probably only a few seconds. My INSTINCT told me that my assailant was bluffing and that he did not have a gun. I had no logical evidence to support this theory, but before I knew what I was doing, I was running down a deserted street screaming for help as I chased my TWO attackers.

After a 300 meter lung-bursting sprint, I caught up to the thief who had my phone and I expertly rugby tackled him to the ground. Having never played rugby at school, I was particularly proud of myself for executing my first tackle with such style!

So there I was, lying on top of this man who had my phone, attacking my attacker. Up until this moment, my only experience of fist fighting was as a 12 year old when I got my glasses smashed in by the school bully.


as the second thief jumped on top of me and proceeded to grab my testicles with one hand while he attempted to choke me with the other! This was not going well…

What seemed like hours later, the guy on my back disappeared and I heard a groan underneath me. My neighbours had heard my screams for help and had come to my rescue. They kicked the crap out of my two assailants and retrieved my phone.

The thieves got away, probably more shocked by the whole experience than I was. One of the neighbours later confirmed that my attacker did not actually have a gun.

My INSTINCT was correct.


Initially, I attributed ‘knowing’ that my attacker was bluffing to INITUITION. I was stunned at what I had done and thought that my ‘knowing’ came from some sixth sense.

In retrospect, my ‘knowing’ was clearly INSTINCT, not INTUITION. Here’s why…

I remember that there was something about my attacker’s voice that seemed uncertain, perhaps causing me to doubt what he was saying… something about the way his shirt hung under his hand where he was hiding his ‘gun’, did not look right… something about his posture made me think twice about believing that he actually had a gun.

In a split second, thinking without thinking, my mind computed all this information and reported to me that the odds were good that he did not have a gun. Before I knew it, I was sprinting into the darkness, chasing two ‘gunmen’.

I love this story, not only because it was a real personal victory for me (I got my phone back and ‘won’ my first street fight), but also because it so beautifully illustrates how powerful the unconscious mind actually is.

Your mind is SO powerful.

It is trained to be able to read situations, people’s faces and vocal inflections with deadly accuracy. Unfortunately, most of the time, we are too busy ‘thinking’ to hear its messages.

This is why I am so disciplined about making sure I relax every day. When I’m relaxed, the voice in my head shuts up and allows room for my unconscious mind to be heard.
I use my Relaxation For Manifestation to help me relax ( Check it out, it’s an awesome tool.

So, this week, see if you can become aware of the signals that your unconscious mind is always giving you. Relaxing for TEN minutes a day will really help to clear your mind and hear your inner voice.

Next time, we’ll look at INTUITION and how it is completely different from INSTINCT.

Till then, chill out and have a relaxing week.


Better Late Than Never

One of my 2007 goals was to travel through Asia. It has just manifested – albeit two weeks into 2008.

Today, I met with Roger James Hamilton, author and creator of Wealth Dynamics. Roger asked be if I would be interested in going on a speaking tour of Asia in March to promote the XL Results Foundation – a foundation of entrepreneurs dedicated to giving back. As a Life Member of this extraordinary foundation, I was thrilled at the opportunity to share it with others.

When I asked him where he had in mind, he replied “Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand and India!”

I tried to conceal my delight and blurted out “Look no further. You have found the man for the job!”

Minutes later, I was marveling at how the Universe delivers my intentions to me as soon as I let go of them. Over and over, this principle has proven itself to me. Read the rest of this entry

Shipwrecked At Sea – a dream come true

Petr Muzik living his designer life...Petr Muzik is an extraordinary man. Not only is he my father, but he has just returned from fulfilling his life long dream – to sail around the world on his yacht, ‘Shoestring’.

For many years, my dad had a goal of sailing around the world. He built three yachts in our back yard as I was growing up. His last yacht, ‘Shoestring 3’, took him 15 years to build, between raising a family and running a business.

Some people thought Petr would never set sail, but in 2005, my dad set to sea for what would become a three year epic journey that changed his life forever.

Shoestring 3 shipwreckedTragedy struck one month out to sea when Roy, my step brother, was killed in a motorcycle accident and my dad had to turn around and sail one month back to Cape Town for the funeral. However, by the time he arrived in Cape Town, he had to postpone his trip for another year, waiting for the trade winds to blow again.

Having sold his house and car to go sailing around the globe, my Dad and his partner May, lived aboard Shoestring in Cape Town harbor until the trade winds returned one year later.

Undeterred, they left Cape Town for South America, traveled through the Panama Canal to the Pacific Ocean and on to New Zealand and Indonesia. From there, he crossed the Indian Ocean where his boat was shipwrecked in a coral atoll called Cocos Keeling.

Petr Muzik on the cover of Sailing MagazineIn the middle of the night, anchored in a small bay in paradise, the wind changed and threw Shoestring onto a coral reef. Water flooded the boat and Shoestring began to sink. Miraculously, there was a boat anchored nearby who had a generator and a pump (Shoestring’s pumps could not cope with the rate of water coming in) and came to the rescue. During the shipwreck, the rudder had broken off and the propeller was so damaged that Petr had to cut it off with a hacksaw. Things were not looking good. Shoestring had sustained intense damage and was now left with a hole in the side of the boat, no propeller, no rudder and a bent keel!

Again undeterred, my dad pulled the boat into shallow water and waited for the tide to go out. He then had a 6 hour window in which to repair the holes in the hull. Amazingly, with the help of some fellow yachtsmen, they slowed the leaking down to a manageable level. Now, all they needed was a rudder and they could limp home across the Indian Ocean.

Miraculously, one of my Dad’s crew found an old catamaran rudder lying in a bush on the coral atoll!!! What are the chances? It was as if god had reached down and placed the rudder there just for ShoestringDad attached the rudder to Shoestring and sailed for 30 days across the Indian Ocean, finally completing his amazing trip in December 2007. The sailing community put him on the cover of Sailing Magazine, acknowledging his accomplishment.

The moral of this story in the words of my father: “If you have a dream, just do it!”

Watch this fascinating video interview with my dad and hear the story from the horse’s mouth with photographs too.

Bruce Muzik

P.S. Please leave your comments below…


“If you want one year of prosperity grow grain.
If you want ten years of prosperity grow trees.
If you want one hundred years of prosperity grow people.”

– Chinese proverb

A dear friend of mine, Matthew Brown, called me last week and asked me if I would like to be involved in raising $25,000 to build a school in Vietnam. I get a lot of requests from people wanting me to donate to their charity, but something about this one caught my attention.
Read the rest of this entry

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