Whether your audience are CEO’s or college freshmen, Bruce’s riveting keynote speeches and seminars will leave them grinning, laughing, crying and then looking into how they can grab their life with both hands and step up to play a bigger game – both at work and at home…

Prepare to be enthralled by Bruce’s refreshingly down-to-earth storytelling style, his courageous authenticity and his daring message…

Watch the video of his TEDx Keynote Speech to get a better idea of how Bruce can impact your organization or community.

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Bruce Muzik - Keynote Speaker

“Bruce, you are a fantastic public speaker and teacher…”
“Bruce you are a fantastic public speaker and teacher. The concepts you shared with us are so powerful & I am so excited about applying these to transform my life to living an inspirational and successful life. Living in complete integrity and wonder at the power of this process.” Katrina Brunsden, UK

Keynote Speaking

“Thank you for giving me back
my Mojo…”

“Your generosity and optimistic selflessness in sharing your inspirational words of wisdom… and freely… have touched a chord which has rejuvenated me in a way, nothing else I have searched for has been able to do. Your words and hope really hit home. So in essence I just wanted to say ‘Thank You for giving me back my Mojo’ x”
Catherine Friery, U.K.

Inspirational Speaking

“You so obviously walk your talk…”
“Bruce, this was truly inspiring! For the first time, I am seeing the actual steps to take to create my life NOW! You so obviously walk your talk and I can’t wait to wake up tomorrow!!!”
Kim Webber, South Africa