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How To Right A Wrong

In this article you’ll learn a time tested technique for becoming the kind of person that commands respect and has people knocking down their door wanting to help them succeed. An added benefit is that the opposite sex will find you

A few questions before we get started…

  • Why is it that the doors of love, wealth, power, achievement and joy seem to naturally open for some people, while for the majority of the population these things seem like pipe dreams their entire lives?
  • What magic makes people who are successful at dating and relationships different from those who are not?
  • What magic allows Richard Branson have so much influence that just by saying he plans to invest in a business increases it’s share price?

Is it their track record, their network, their skill set, their personality, luck even?

Actually it’s all of those things and more, but if you were to put a magic umbrella over them all, the answer to that question would be TRUST.

The One Single Character Trait That Will Get You Further In Life Than Any Other Read the rest of this entry

Punta Rusia Kitesurfing Trip

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The Big Secret Nobody Wants To Tell

Here is the most vulnerable, raw talk I have ever presented. Enjoy…

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In this video, I interview Bryan Franklin, the “$10m Coach…”

Bryan shares some powerful insights and distinctions he’s learned from coaching executives from Apple, Google, Linked In and more….

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7 Principles Of Conscious Relationships

The Most Powerful Transformational Tool Known To Man?

In my opinion, a conscious, loving relationship is THE SINGLE most powerful transformational tool there is. Whether or not you’re in a relationship or interested in learning about the conscious kind, the distinctions I am about to share will be useful in any context, because our lives are made up of relationships.

If you’ve been a regular reader of this blog, you probably know that my last relationship recently broke down. This got me thinking about what I want in a future partner and what I feel will make it last…

I’m going to approach the concept of “conscious romantic relationships” as a system, with components that make the system run as designed…

Although the 7 components I will put forward here don’t include every piece of the puzzle, these are the ones I find most useful. I hope you do too.

This blog post includes a video and article. Watch the video first and then read the article below…

By writing this, I am not claiming to be a relationship expert. However, I’ve screwed up and loved in enough relationships to have learned a thing or two about what doesn’t work and what does.

1.  Close Your Escape Hatches

In romantic relationships, we all have escape hatches – ways to avoid dealing with the issues that confront us when we embark on the journey of loving another in the context of a committed relationship. Read the rest of this entry

Choice vs. Decison

Last night I was watching a very funny movie called Nacho Libre, starring Jack Black. I was moved by the lead character’s determination to become a famous wrestler in Mexico and it dawned on me that there is a powerful message underlying this story that may make a difference to your life.

In the movie, a very simple friar, Nacho, has a dream to become a wrestling hero. Nacho is faced with obstacle after obstacle until he accomplishes his goal. There is a turning point in Nacho’s life when he makes a CHOICE to become a wrestler. Before this point, it was just a dream, but having made the CHOICE, our simple friar ultimately becomes a local wrestling hero, transforming his life.

Life is a lot like this movie. We all have dreams, but until we CHOOSE to follow them, nothing ever changes. However, once we choose, there is no turning back and our choice begins to shape our future and ultimately, our destiny.

Most of us go through life making DECISIONS and very rarely making CHOICES. Read the rest of this entry

Limiting Beliefs And How to Live With Ease

If your limiting beliefs are running your life, you’ll always struggle to get what you want out of your life.

In this video, I explain why so many of us struggle to succeed and what to do to live life with ease.

On Taking Responsibility

Taking responsibility is a topic everyone loves to hate. Most of us don’t want to hear that we’re “not taking responsibility” or that we “need to take responsibility”.

It’s a word that has been loaded with years of meaning.

However, until you find yourself able to take responsibility for every single little bit of of your life, you’ll always be wondering why you’re not getting everything you want out of life. In this video I explore this idea deeper…

My Ghetto Liberation

In this video interview, I share about my experience living in the black ghetto of Guguletu in South Africa as the only white man among 100,000 black Africans.


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Are You Selfish?

I recently posted a question on my Facebook wall: “I’m curious about what you lie to yourself about…”

A friend replied that she thinks she may be lying to herself about her “selfless” desire to help people. That in reality, she thinks she may be selfish because the benefits from the “giving”…

I’m sharing my response with you here, because I think you may find it useful… Read the rest of this entry

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