My Top 3 Life Lessons Learned In 2011

Boy, am I glad 2011 is over!

2011 was a helluva year for me – certainly the most challenging one so far.

At the end of each year I look back and write a list of everything I learned that year… and 2011’s list was long.

So that someone other than me benefits from my mistakes, here are the most valuable 3 life lessons I learned in 2011.

LIFE LESSON #1: When I Face My Biggest Fears, Good Things Always Happen…

It was 14 May 2011 and I’m in Las Vegas standing in the wings about to be introduced to the TEDxSinCity audience as their next keynote speaker.

I’m nervous and excited at the same time…

Nervous because this is the most important speech of my life so far and if I fuck it up, I’ll look really bad in front of some of my most respected peers – and the world (watching the event live over the internet).

One year earlier, when asked if I’d like to take responsibility for organizing and speaking at the event, I almost backed out of the opportunity of a lifetime – to have the honor to speak at a prestigious TEDx event and have my work impact thousands of people on the internet.

“I just don’t have the time to put into organizing that kind of event and writing a speech…” was the pathetic excuse I came up with. Read the rest of this entry

How To Develop Deadly Accurate Intuition

In last week’s lesson we learned about INSTINCT, and distinguished it as the natural process of ‘thinking without thinking.’ INTUITION on the other hand can be thought of as a super-natural process of ‘knowing without knowing.’

It’s super-natural because it occurs beyond the realm of what most people consider ‘normal’.

But, we both know that if you read these lessons each week, you are probably not interested in ‘normal’ things anyway!


Have you ever thought of someone and the next minute they call you on the phone?
Have you ever had a feeling that you should ‘do’ or ‘not do’ something, and then had that feeling confirmed? That’s INTUITION at play.

In a study of train crashes between 1950 and 1955, researchers discovered that on most days when accidents occurred, there were significantly less passengers on the trains.

In ONE crash, there were only NINE passengers on the train. Normally, that train averaged 65 passengers… So how come less people got on the train? Could it be that their INTUITION saved their lives?

Interestingly, in the weeks leading up to the Titanic disaster, many passengers cancelled and the Titanic sailed at only 58% capacity… Pretty cool, eh?


It’s difficult for me to stick to the speed limit when I ride a motorcycle that can do almost 300km/h (190 mph) in a heartbeat. Often, while riding, a thought pops into my head that there is a speed camera ahead.

Having learned to trust these thoughts, I immediately slow down. More often than not, a speed camera is hiding around the next bend…

Very often though, my mind is not RELAXED enough to hear my inner voice as my FIVE speeding fines last month testify to! A friend recently advised me that it would work out cheaper for me to remove my number plate and just pay the fines for not having a number plate!


and if you learn to recognize it is communicating with you, you’ll become a powerful force to be reckoned with.

Your INTERNAL GUIDANCE SYSTEM is INTUITIVE and behaves a bit like a GPS in a car. It is designed to GUIDE you to where you want to go with the least effort.

Read any biography of any successful person and they will make some kind of reference to a sixth sense or gut feeling. That’s their INTERNAL GUIDANCE SYSTEM at play.


1) Relax and listen…

To continue the metaphor of the GPS, most of us are driving with the radio up so loud that we cannot hear our GPS telling us where to go, so we stumble through life wondering why we feel lost so often.

However, if you make a habit of relaxing for 10 minutes sometime every day, you’ll notice you are more peaceful and will begin to just ‘know’ the right thing to do. You’ll also get more done, have more energy and achieve more of your important goals.

I use the Relaxation For Manifestation to help me relax and visualize my goals ( It works. Try it.

2) Learn how your INTUITION communicates with you…

We all receive intuitive information in different ways. My wife sees pictures in her mind’s eye. I feel an ‘opening’ or ‘closing’ feeling in my heart area. Others hear a nagging inner voice…

Generally we receive our intuitive ‘hits’ in one or more of the three primary senses:

– Visual sense (getting a FLASH of inspiration),
– Auditory sense (hearing an inner voice) or
– Kinesthetic/Feeling sense (a gut reaction or inner knowing).

Notice which way you receive your intuitive information and it will help you become more aware of it.

3) Take responsibility for your life…

I could lead a THREE day seminar on this one alone! Until you begin to accept that you are responsible for how you EXPERIENCE your world, your INTUITION will be like a compass next to a magnet – spinning all over the place with no fixed direction.

Here’s a good place to start taking responsibility. Call the people you are avoiding calling and say what needs to be said to them. Set yourself an inspiring goal (so your internal GPS has a destination to guide you to) and begin taking action towards it.


In a nutshell, YES!

Learning to trust my intuition has saved me from bad business deals, led me to great opportunities, helped me answer important questions and given me a competitive advantage in life. Jeez, it has even saved my life a few times.

One of my teachers, Dr. Tony Quinn (who I consider one of the most successful men I know), refuses to make any decisions without first checking in with his intuition. He says that his intuition is what made him a Billionaire.

In next week’s lesson, I’ll teach you some techniques for developing your INTUITION.

Till then, keep smiling, stay happy and remember to have fun…


P.S. The Relaxation For Manifestation works like magic for manifesting your goals. Go get it at Tomorrow morning, when you listen to it, you’ll be so glad you did.

How I Survived Being Mugged At Gunpoint

Your response to last week’s post on INTUITION was overwhelmingly positive, so this week we are going to delve deeper into this mysterious world. If you missed
last week, visit to catch up.


I’ve noticed a lot of lazy thinking and misinformation when it comes to INTUITION.

The New Age community are particularly quick to credit INTUITION to explain what is often INSTINCT.

So, let’s look at what the difference is…

My dictionary defines INSTINCT as “a natural or innate impulse, inclination, or tendency.” So what the dictionary is implying is that INSTINCT is both NATURAL and INNATE (a function of the intellect).

INSTINCT is not supernatural in any way. It’s just your unconscious mind rapidly computing millions of variables in the blink of an eye; what Malcolm Gladwell calls
‘thinking without thinking’ in his book “Blink”.

INTUITION, on the other hand, could be thought of as ‘knowing without knowing’. My dictionary defines it as “the direct perception of truth, fact, etc., independent of any reasoning process.” In other words, INTUITION does NOT involve any mental process.

So, we can loosely distinguish INSTINCT as a NATURAL process of rapid thought and INTUITION as a SUPERNATURAL process of knowing.


In 2003, I arrived home at 1am on a dark, rainy night. As I got out of my car, two men approached me asking for a cigarette. I cheerily answered that I didn’t smoke and continued to lock my car.

Suddenly, one of the men grabbed my cell phone and before I knew it he was threatening to shoot me. Although he was not pointing an actual gun at me, he had his hand on the front of his belt and told me that he had a gun and would kill me if I tried to follow them. My attackers then turned and fled into the rainy darkness.


…but was probably only a few seconds. My INSTINCT told me that my assailant was bluffing and that he did not have a gun. I had no logical evidence to support this theory, but before I knew what I was doing, I was running down a deserted street screaming for help as I chased my TWO attackers.

After a 300 meter lung-bursting sprint, I caught up to the thief who had my phone and I expertly rugby tackled him to the ground. Having never played rugby at school, I was particularly proud of myself for executing my first tackle with such style!

So there I was, lying on top of this man who had my phone, attacking my attacker. Up until this moment, my only experience of fist fighting was as a 12 year old when I got my glasses smashed in by the school bully.


as the second thief jumped on top of me and proceeded to grab my testicles with one hand while he attempted to choke me with the other! This was not going well…

What seemed like hours later, the guy on my back disappeared and I heard a groan underneath me. My neighbours had heard my screams for help and had come to my rescue. They kicked the crap out of my two assailants and retrieved my phone.

The thieves got away, probably more shocked by the whole experience than I was. One of the neighbours later confirmed that my attacker did not actually have a gun.

My INSTINCT was correct.


Initially, I attributed ‘knowing’ that my attacker was bluffing to INITUITION. I was stunned at what I had done and thought that my ‘knowing’ came from some sixth sense.

In retrospect, my ‘knowing’ was clearly INSTINCT, not INTUITION. Here’s why…

I remember that there was something about my attacker’s voice that seemed uncertain, perhaps causing me to doubt what he was saying… something about the way his shirt hung under his hand where he was hiding his ‘gun’, did not look right… something about his posture made me think twice about believing that he actually had a gun.

In a split second, thinking without thinking, my mind computed all this information and reported to me that the odds were good that he did not have a gun. Before I knew it, I was sprinting into the darkness, chasing two ‘gunmen’.

I love this story, not only because it was a real personal victory for me (I got my phone back and ‘won’ my first street fight), but also because it so beautifully illustrates how powerful the unconscious mind actually is.

Your mind is SO powerful.

It is trained to be able to read situations, people’s faces and vocal inflections with deadly accuracy. Unfortunately, most of the time, we are too busy ‘thinking’ to hear its messages.

This is why I am so disciplined about making sure I relax every day. When I’m relaxed, the voice in my head shuts up and allows room for my unconscious mind to be heard.
I use my Relaxation For Manifestation to help me relax ( Check it out, it’s an awesome tool.

So, this week, see if you can become aware of the signals that your unconscious mind is always giving you. Relaxing for TEN minutes a day will really help to clear your mind and hear your inner voice.

Next time, we’ll look at INTUITION and how it is completely different from INSTINCT.

Till then, chill out and have a relaxing week.


Learn To Use Your Gut!

What you are about to read may PUSH your buttons or EXCITE you, depending on how OPEN minded you are… Let’s see which it is.

In my early twenties, I met my first real African Sangoma (an African medicine man) while travelling through the country of Botswana. Not only was he a Sangoma, but he also trained others to become Sangomas.

His name was Brian and I had the privilege of being invited to spend THREE days living in his Sangoma ‘school’ where FOUR of his students were being trained to eventually practice as qualified Sangomas in their communities.

I never got over those three days and some of the things I witnessed are still pretty hard for me to explain using only logic and reason. For example…

The Mystery Of The Hidden Watch

Three trainee Sangoma's praying to the AncestorsA Sangoma is possibly the most revered member in an African tribe. As a Sangoma, you must be able to access your INTUITION to help diagnose an illness or ailment etc… To make sure that his students could do this, Brian had designed a test for them. Here’s what he did…

In the early hours of the African morning, while we were all sleeping, Brian sneaked out of his mud hut and hid his watch. During breakfast, while sitting around the campfire, Brian asked one of his students to go and fetch his watch.

The student respectfully asked, “Where is it, teacher?”
“Ask your Ancestors…” Brian replied.

Read the rest of this entry