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In my early twenties, I met my first real African Sangoma (an African medicine man) while travelling through the country of Botswana. Not only was he a Sangoma, but he also trained others to become Sangomas.

His name was Brian and I had the privilege of being invited to spend THREE days living in his Sangoma ‘school’ where FOUR of his students were being trained to eventually practice as qualified Sangomas in their communities.

I never got over those three days and some of the things I witnessed are still pretty hard for me to explain using only logic and reason. For example…

The Mystery Of The Hidden Watch

Three trainee Sangoma's praying to the AncestorsA Sangoma is possibly the most revered member in an African tribe. As a Sangoma, you must be able to access your INTUITION to help diagnose an illness or ailment etc… To make sure that his students could do this, Brian had designed a test for them. Here’s what he did…

In the early hours of the African morning, while we were all sleeping, Brian sneaked out of his mud hut and hid his watch. During breakfast, while sitting around the campfire, Brian asked one of his students to go and fetch his watch.

The student respectfully asked, “Where is it, teacher?”
“Ask your Ancestors…” Brian replied.

The student seemed to understand that this was a test and proceeded to get down on his knees and perform some sort of ritual prayer, asking his Ancestors (the spirits of his deceased relatives) to show him where the watch was. He then stood up and promptly left.

Well, THREE minutes later, the student returned with Brian’s watch in hand, which had been hidden in the thatched roof of one of the mud huts in the community.

How did this student know where the watch was?

He later told me that his Ancestors had told him where the watch was hidden.

In Western terms, he meant that he had received an intuitive ‘hit’, perhaps even an image in his mind’s eye, of where the watch was hidden. Luckily for him, his intuition was accurate.

As you can imagine, this experience left me with many more questions than answers. Since then, I have been fascinated about how the mind works and what is possible when we can access more of it.

Here’s another example of someone who has mastered using intuition:

Can Animals Talk?

Anna Breytenbach with CheetahAnna Breytenbach, a good friend of mine, is an animal communicator.

Anna moved from being a high flyer in Silicon Valley, California to using her intuition to communicate with animals.

She has helped diagnose injured animals for vets, communicate with domestic pets to help them become happier, and now she teaches people like you and I to communicate with animals using intuition.

Seizing the opportunity to learn something, I whipped out my video camera and interviewed her for you before jumping back on my bike and heading for my next destination.

You can watch this fascinating interview below and if you are interested in developing your own intuition, you might want to attend one of her workshops.

The US Military Invests $20m Studying Intuition

In my mind, intuition was always something you were born with, until I discovered that the US Federal Government had spent $20 million to develop a technology for accessing intuition that they called ‘Remote Viewing’.

Remote Viewing is the process of intuiting information about a person, place or object, without actually being there. Rumor has it that the US used Remove Viewers to successfully locate enemy missiles during the Iraq war.

So, to satisfy my curiosity, I flew to the USA in 2005 to study Remote Viewing for myself and I was very impressed with the results I got. Having been given just an 8 digit number to represent my ‘target’, I spent the next hour Remote Viewing what my target was using the process I had been taught.

At the bottom of my worksheet, I wrote the words “JFK”. I told my instructor that I was complete and she handed me a sealed envelope that contained my target. I opened the envelope and sure enough, it contained a page with the words “John F Kennedy” written on it. I was stunned and my skepticism silenced.

Over the course of the following year, I Remote Viewed many different targets and noticed my accuracy improve dramatically. As a result, I have learned to trust my intuition and distinguish my INTUITION from my random daily thoughts.

I believe that this ability has given me a huge advantage in life. I use it every day to help me read people, to decide which opportunities to take and which to leave, to assess which course of action to take etc…

My intention with writing this post was to provide you with an interesting introduction to some of the applications of intuition.

Watch Anna Breytenbach’s interview below. I think you will be intrigued.


An Interview With Animal Communicator - Anna Bretenbach

You can contact Anna and find out about her workshops at

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  • Sandrine Sellmeijer

    Wow, great to see this interview. I’ve attended one of Anna’s workshops and I’m still learning. Anna explains everything so patiently and clearly in her workshops. If you’ve got any questions or doubts about animal communication, she’s there to help you and answer all your questions. It changed my life and outlook at nature and all inhabitants of mother earth. Thanks a million for your hard work to get this interview on the internet for the bigger picture on this subject.

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