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Here is my TEDx talk – the most vulnerable, raw talk I have ever presented. Enjoy…

The Big Secret Nobody Wants To Tell

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  • Inger

    Thanks Bruce! I really loved your speach!!! I have been feeling like a fraud for some time now and felt it more strongly today. It’s not “a big” thing, but a couple small things I hide from others and pretend it’s okay 😉 This clipp came as a syncronistic boost for me to do something about it. I’m not sure if I dare to meet up on your message today, but and I will cherish it and take one small step at a time. I also shared it on Facebook for friends to see. With love from a sunny Sweden.

    • Bruce Muzik

      Thanks for sharing it Inger. I’m intent on getting this message to as many people as I can, so every time someone shares it, it helps…

  • Keryn

    WOW……Bruce, what a dynamic idea and what a dynamic delivery of this most basic of truths. Thank you for sharing your raw vulnerable authenticity and suggesting the way forward to open-hearted self acceptance – and an end to hiding in the dark.

  • Lori Painter

    I just “discovered” you!!!! This is the first post I have seen and I am in tears. I love your work! Thank you for being you!!!!

  • Christina

    Wonderful talk Bruce. Thank you for opening up and sharing! I have a feeling your talk is going to be life changing for me. Congratulations on making it online!!! 🙂

  • Jeff Garofalo

    You’re a great inspiration, Bruce. I really enjoyed your video (“as well as pictures!”). I know where you are coming from, I spent 7 years in South Korea teaching and consulting and the love I got from being a foreigner to their country was life changing. I can’t wait to go back. The kindness and respect that was shown to my there was beyond belief. South Korea has actually become my second home!! To Your Continued Success!


  • Marcella Guerrero

    Hi Bruce
    THANK YOU for your talk. It will help me to search deep within me and face some fears, knowing that I should not be ‘faint hearted” and things will get worse before they get better, but at least the ‘Truth will set ME Free’. (I am a mother of five, separated for 6 years thinking I can “sacrifice” my life for my children, neglecting “ME’ afraid of so many things. I hope in this 2012 that I will bring out the best of me. THANK YOU for your talk. You are a life saver!

  • Jisele

    Thank you Bruce for this powerful message. I have held secrets from people I love and it feels like it was eating me up emotionally. Once I was honest and revealed what I was holding inside of me a big load was lifted and clearer and more loving communication and understanding opened up for all involved.
    I appreciate your honesty and your heart.
    Much hugs to you.

  • Ada Neumeyer

    Hi Bruce

    Very well done my friend. I am also from South Africa and I can resonate with what you said. I am definitely sharing this brave and wonderful talk to my friends!
    Keep well!

  • S.D.

    Why is this not on the website & how do I help get it on? Seriously, this talk is the best I have heard yet & NEEDS to be seen by all of the TED community! This truly moved me. Truth is my favorite word. So much that I have it tattooed for all to see. I was called mentirosa when I was little. I would lie to create the life I wasnt living. I would lie just to make a story up. To get people to listen & pay attention to me. Now that I am grown, I make music. I am a rapper & use my imagination for a greater purpose. Honesty is HUGE for me. I do though, have skeletons in my closet. Ones that will just so happen to be shared in the next few days. These lies have been weighing me down since age 8. I have been putting this off for near 23 years. I needed this talk to help get me through this. Couldnt have come at a better time. THANK YOU!

    • Bruce Muzik

      Thank you S.D.

      I’m so glad it made a difference for you and that you’re going to be cleaning out those skeletons!

      Please feel free to email TED and recommend that they put it on the website. The more people do that, the better chance we have of the world seeing this. You can reach them at

      With love,


  • Gypsy

    Thank you, Bruce.

  • Elena

    This reminder that “the truth shall set you free” came at synchronistically the perfect time for me. Thank you for randomly and perfectly popping into my awareness today.

    • Normand Bergeron

      Bruce, after just listening to your 20 minute video on vulnerability and your willingness to be real, transparent,and authentic, has truly inspired me to do likewise in my own life.

      ‘The soul loves the truth’,
      Fearless Norman

      • Bruce Muzik

        Thank you Norman. You’re right about intimacy being a byproduct of truth telling. Not sure I’m fearless, but I’m not committed to letting fear determine my choices and actions.

  • Toni

    Thank you for being vulnerable enough to share your story and important message on how to live a life of authenticity. I was touched and impacted by your words.

  • London

    I watch your video today it was very POWERFUL and it helped me realize so much, about my DREAMS and who iam…..I declare in less than 6 months I will be on the cover of major modeling magazines and I will live in a nice condo in New York working with top modeling agencies……I believe this in my heart…..thank you for all your positive words and your enlightened mind….peace be with you :@)

  • Pat Anderson

    Well communicated, Bruce. Makes a change to hear a South African give a natural, real presentation. (I am also proudly South African, and I still live in SA.) I am so used to hearing American speakers and all the hype that generally goes with their presentations. I wish you continued success!

  • Daniel Leonardi

    Your talk is inspiring-it teaches us to simply be real. You have a wonderful way of weaving your personal story with what you share. By not only following our hearts’ calling, we can create much more aliveness by sharing our secrets and lies. I’ve done this many times and it’s like the veils are being lifted. Or are they heavy drapes?

    Thanks for being such a brave, bright leader.

  • Rachel

    I loved your authenticity and the intimacy you created with your willingness to be seen. The thought that made the biggest impact on me from your talk was that we all lie and hide the truth sometimes. The difference is made when we get honest about it. Thank you for your courage and insight!

  • Ernest J. Centeno Jr.

    Bruce somehow I was guided to video of you and everything you said made sense. I am lost and in desperate need of your guidence. How or where can I explain whats going on, so hopefully you can guide me and my girlfriend that is 11 weeks pregnant to a lifetime of Love and fulfillment?

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