Whether your audience are CEO’s or college freshmen, my keynote speech will have them riveted – laughing, grinning, and moved to tears as they learn about love, relationships and marriage.

“I speak about love relationships… and how to turn them into deep, fulfilling partnerships”


More specifically, I captivate and educate audiences by sharing breakthrough relationship science, relate-able stories and actionable strategies that they can take home and use with their spouse to create a fulfilling, loving partnership.

Why is learning about love important?

Research clearly demonstrates that people in happy relationships outperform those in relationships that are struggling. Happy partners make more money, get sick less often and report higher levels of satisfaction with their lives.

Given our 50% divorce rate, it is safe to assume that 50% of your audience are struggling in some area of their relationship.

Relationship struggles are a major source of stress. When stressed we battle to focus, give our best or feel empathy for others. Without wanting to sound dramatic, the research shows that when we are struggling in our relationship, we struggle in our life.

Bruce Muzik Keynote Speaker about Love and RelationshipsThe same research also shows that the best prevention from heart disease is a happy relationship.

Why? Because a happy relationship reduces stress. Period.

Book me to speak at your event and I’ll show your audience how to be happy together.


If you’re interested in booking me as the Keynote Speaker at your next event (corporate, college or otherwise), or bringing me to your hometown to lead a seminar, please use the contact form below and get in touch.

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    "He had the students hanging on every word..."

    “Bruce is just a wonderful, gifted, compassionate person. He had the students hanging on every word. It was just fantastic and exactly what we needed to bring us all together.”

    Amanda Boardman, Chancellor Eden Campus University

    “Bruce, you are a fantastic public speaker and teacher…”

    “Bruce you are a fantastic public speaker and teacher. The concepts you shared with us are so powerful & I am so excited about applying these to transform my life to living an inspirational and successful life. Living in complete integrity and wonder at the power of this process.”

    Katrina Brunsden

    “Thank you for giving me back my Mojo…”

    “Your generosity and optimistic selflessness in sharing your inspirational words of wisdom… and freely… have touched a chord which has rejuvenated me in a way, nothing else I have searched for has been able to do. Your words and hope really hit home. So in essence I just wanted to say ‘Thank You for giving me back my Mojo”

    Catherine Friery

    “You so obviously walk your talk…”

    “Bruce, this was truly inspiring! For the first time, I am seeing the actual steps to take to create my life NOW! You so obviously walk your talk and I can’t wait to wake up tomorrow!!!”

    Kim Webber


    In 2011, I was invited to present “The Big Secret Nobody Wants To Tell” at TEDxSinCity in Las Vegas.

    Watch it to get a good feel for my energy on stage.

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