“I’ve not found another coach who can get me “unstuck” faster than you can.”

“I used to think, “Only a miracle can get me out of this one!” then I met you, Bruce. I’ve not found another coach who can get me “unstuck” faster than you can. Your advice is always practical & to the point, and I love that every time I talk with you I walk away with stupidly easy to follow instructions that work like a charm to get me past my “road blocks”.

I’d HIGHLY recommend your coaching – especially if you’re really struggling to make things work.”
Eve Colantoni, USA

“Slicing through the junk…”

“Few coaches in this world have laser focus and the ability to slice through the junk and deliver the truth… YOU DO!”
Spencer Shaw, USA

“I’ve learned more from you exponentially in just the 3 months that I’ve known you than I have learned in my entire life!”

“Leading by example, you’ve helped me apply concepts to my life that were once just a dream. I’ve accomplished so many of my lifelong goals as a result of your coaching that I’ve had to create more just to keep up with myself. Bruce, I’ve learned more from you exponentially in just the 3 months that I’ve known you than I have learned in my entire life!

I’m truly loving life, and I thank you for being who you are!”
Cal Emerson, USA

“I have never met… someone quite like you.”

“You so ROCK! Like I said the other day… I have NEVER met, let alone had the privilege to get coaching from, someone quite like you. You really do walk the walk and give me the no BS insights, advice and how-to to get back on track and kick ass!

I’ve read 100s of self-help books and spent thousands on business and personal development courses and I so wish I would have met you 5 or 10 years ago – it would have saved me a lot of time and money.”
Todd Sedelmeier, USA

“Thank You for giving me back my Mojo”

“Your generosity and optimistic selflessness in sharing your inspirational words of wisdom… and freely… have touched a chord which has rejuvinated me in a way, nothing else I have searched for has been able to do.

Your words and hope really hit home. So in essence I just wanted to say ‘Thank You for giving me back my Mojo’ x”
Catherine Friery, U.K.

“You have changed my life forever…”

“Dear Bruce.
Your enthusiasm is contagious and your presentation skills spellbinding. Thank you!

I have finally learned practical skills to assist me in achieving what I deserve. Everyone should listen to your solid and sound advice and guidance.

You are a Super Star.
Thanks, you have changed my life forever.”
Michael Hunter-Smith, South Africa

“You are indeed a man of integrity, you always over deliver!”

“Hi Bruce, how are you? I listened to the seminar tonight with Damien for the first time, it was awesome. From my side, I can attest that you are indeed a man of integrity, you always over deliver!!!!

Just to share, I tried your miracle manifesting method this morning. Figured I would start small so put out an intention to manifest R1000.

By 6pm this evening, I had three orders equalling R1550 – so excited! Tomorrow, I will increase my intention.

Thanks Bruce, I really love receiving your emails, they always seem to come at the right time to help me over a new hurdle or to confirm something that I have just learned or had an epiphany about.”
Debra Rennie, South Africa

“Totally blown away…”

“Dear Bruce,

Totally blown away with the level of professionalism you demonstrated over the course of the weekend.

It is one thing to have great content (which you have!) and another thing entirely to deliver it in a way that it can be absorbed into the hearts and minds of participants.

I look forward to continue to watch your stars soar!”
Damien Senn, London

“Bruce gives so much value in a short period of time…”

“I walked away feeling inspired. Bruce takes a complex subject and shows you how you can use it in your business right away. Bruce gives so much value in a short period of time.”
Evelyn Zelerer, Canada

“You are BRILLIANT at what you do!!!”

“Bruce, Thank you for an awesome, inspiring, uplifting day. I’ll definitely use the tools learned today and look so forward to flowing down stream

You are BRILLIANT at what you do!!!
Thank you for sharing your knowledge and time with me.”

Katja Buisson, South Africa

“I’m completely mesmerized”

“What a brilliant talk! I’m completely mesmerized, came expectant, boy, oh boy!!
I am blown away!

I thank you very much Bruce for such an insightful seminar, it definitely propelled me to action.
May you be Blessed through & through.

Thanks to your staff for sharing their experiences & thanks to your for sharing yours.”
Lebogang Mogotsi, South Africa

“I’ve got to put my safety belt on whenever I’m around him!”

“When two people with a higher purpose and common intention come together, life has a way of speeding up exponentially… Bruce is one of those magical people… I’ve got to put my safety belt on whenever I’m around him!”

Carol Hampshire, South Africa

“You so obviously walk your talk…”

“Bruce, this was truly inspiring! For the first time, I am seeing the actual steps to take to create my life NOW! You so obviously walk your talk and I can’t wait to wake up tomorrow!!!”
Kim Webber

“You are a miracle to me!”

“Amazing… It really uplifted me and enabled me to focus on my true dream/goal in life!

Thank you for giving me the courage & knowledge to reach my goal and better my life! You are a miracle to me! (If you only know where I was in my life, you would understand)”
Andrea Bryant, South Africa

“100% value for money…”

“Absolutely mind Blowing stuff, Wonderful!!

Wish I had done something like this years ago. You are a magnificent presenter of this material. 100% value for money.”
Joe Daschner

“Real, humble and engaging…”

“I found the day extremely good. I was quite cynical at the beginning, taking more of an observer role.

Once I engaged with the process I switched on to the style & material. I found Bruce’s style to be great. Not too over the top / super American motivational, but more real, humble and engaging.

The steps are highly practical and the process to the end is functional. Love the giving of sharing messages, and that the greater good does matter!”

“I absolutely loved your course…”

“Bruce, I absolutely loved your very empowering, pragmatic, life-durable course. I feel I can implement and not lose the path/target. I’ll remember to stay happy! Thank you!”
Nikki Hill, South Africa

“I have a miracle!!!”

“What an awesome workshop!
I have done many…

This is the only one that has given such practical teaching. Thank you!

I HAVE a miracle!!! One of my goals was to get a new car – a Mini. I practiced my manifestation for three weeks after the Designer Life workshop and then just left it.

All I wanted was an entry level Mini. On Saturday, less than 6 weeks later, I decided to act on my goal and went to take a Mini for a test drive. On the floor was a limited edition top of the range demo Mini being sold at bottom of the range price. I knew that was my car!!! Sun roof, THE WORKS!!

I also knew I didn’t have to worry about anything, everything was approved immediately and much to my surprise I CAN AFFORD IT! I am collecting my new car on Friday and I am just so excited because this is something I wouldn’t have expected before.”
Lynn Thomas, South Africa

“The course was fantastic…”

“The course was fantastic, just what I needed, wanted & right when I needed it – actually no – 2 years ago would have been better – but hey I have it now.

I think that you were wonderful and lead exceptionally well.
I would really love to help grow your seminars and if I can do anything with my young professionals then let’s do it!”
Naomi Johnson, London

“Bruce’s enthusiasm is through the roof…”

“The Designer Life Workshop is definitely NOT just another Seminar – This one is special.

The information is presented in many different formats and Bruce’s enthusiasm is through the roof. I loved it and gained so much clarity in order to live a bigger life.

The teaching style used advanced methods to help increase retention up to 80% so I can guarantee that this will not be filed in another worthless notebook.

Thanks so much for this life changing event.”
Clint Gray, London

“I know I can go home and apply this to my life and get results…”

“The Designer Life Course absolutely took you on a 3-D journey. I got to design my life with a lot of help, support and generosity.

I know I can go home and apply this to my life and get results.
P.S. I enjoyed the Quantum Mechanics very revelatory.”
Sanober, London

“Bruce, you are a fantastic public speaker and teacher…”

“Bruce you are a fantastic public speaker and teacher.

The concepts you shared with us over the last 2 days are so powerful & I am so excited about applying these to transform my life to living an inspirational and successful life.

Living in complete integrity and wonder at the power of this process.
Katrina Brunsden, UK

“It was mind-blowing…”

It was mind-blowing. I discovered how much of an impact I can have on people and the self-esteem boost really made me feel happy.

I feel more organized and more confident about my life journey and I leave with tools that I can use.

I not only got to meet so many vibrant people who I deeply connected with but I got to release many insecurities that have been brewing for a ling time.
Thank you so much!”
Sophie Grenham, UK

“Lot & Lots of value and learning…”

“I found this a great course and loved the scale of it which works better than hundreds.

Bruce has a great energy and brings over the message in a way you really understand and it stays with you!

I will certainly recommend this course to anyone and probably send some of my staff to see you. Thanks, a great weekend. Lot & Lots of value and learning.”
Leon Aarts, London

“I loved every encounter in learning…”

“I absolutely loved every minute of the course. There were sections that I already knew, but it didn’t matter as I still got a lot out of them.

I can honestly say that the training techniques, enthusiasm of the presenters & the training materials were the best; I loved every encounter in learning.

The experience & knowledge I have gained is phenomenal.

“I have learned more this weekend that I know will change my life…”

“Thank you so much for an amazing weekend and for sharing so much with us. It was awesome having you work with Jaime & sharing with us how you can work to help/coach each other.

I have learned more this weekend that I know will change my life to live in the NOW, not the past or present.

Fantastic back up & support from your team throughout the whole process. Where are you going to take us next time to expend & grow even more?
Would love to have had even more time to learn these amazing skills.”
Dawn Michelle Murray, United Kingdom

“I wanted tools…”

“I came here because I knew the only thing holding me back was me. I wanted tools to enable me to identify what I was doing that held me back, then tools to enable me to CHANGE those things.

I got both in abundance!!

Bruce & Jaime are an awesome team and seeing the energy between them really makes the seminar to impactful. Thank you to you both!
Hattie Hasan, London

“I have gained the tools and the belief in myself to finally follow through…”

“A great, fun weekend presented in a very clear, friendly style. Lots of illustrations and relevant examples given to further your understanding. The format of using Bruce & Jaime worked very well – you make a great team, well done!

I thought it was well paced, great content and very well delivered. I’d definitely recommend the weekend.

I’ve learned some new approaches and really believe I have gained the tools and the belief in myself to finally follow through. I am really looking forward to re-designing my life and allowing the miracle in!! Thank you!”
Diane Gallagher, UK

“Lots of useful tools…”

“I am excited about what is possible! The Quantum physics made it easy to see how the game works and how I can create my life anyway I choose.

Lots of useful tools I can use now to change my life. Thank You! I loved it.”
Conor Heaney, London

“Huge amount of useful material…”

“A very fulfilling weekend. Huge amount of useful material being delivered in an interesting and fun way.

All of what I have learned will be very useful in my professional and personal lives. The material covered has helped give me direction in what I want from life and how to achieve it.”
Mark Woodcock, London

“I have gained even more than I ever expected…”

“I loved it. I came with expectations of gaining the tools I would need to realize my goals. I have not been disappointed.

I have gained even more than I ever expected & made new friends along the way. Changing partners was very good for me. I felt this made me interact better with everyone.”
Sue Gelder, UK


I have completed many seminars & can safely say that Bruce & Jaime’s weekend experience is Fresh, Vibrant & Filled with many simple tools to really enhance & expand your life. I really appreciate your vision & enthusiasm.”
Ioanis Konstantinopulos, UK

“Clear your schedule and go…”

“The Seminar in San Diego was powerful. I have studied the Law Of Attraction and Manifestation for more than a year now and it has been fun and interesting – with only slight results.
I have been trying (sic) to manifest a $20 bill just so I could have physical proof that the process works.

At the seminar this weekend I deeply experienced the process and yesterday morning I was walking in the parking lot of the original pancake house in Vista when a $20 bill swirled 10 feet in front of me!
In the two days since the seminar there are 5 things that have appeared for me.

Wendi and Bruce you helped me to set a goal that was big enough and compelling enough to the universe and my subconscious that they delivered the experiences I was creating.
Clear your schedule and go to Sacramento on Saturday.”

Dan Paris, California, USA.

“I am living the life of my dreams…”

“My Designer Life workshop was an incredible experience. I have had previous practice with setting goals, visioning and visualization, but Bruce’s course has given me really practical methods and techniques to take it to a whole new level.

He takes you through and teaches you the actual ‘science and technology’ behind making your dreams a reality.

But the power of Designer Life workshop is exponential when it is put it into practice in one’s life. Since doing the workshop in March 2006, the results have been extraordinary and impact. I am manifesting an incredible, purposeful business, my own television show and a beautiful relationship. The result is that I am living the life of my dreams.”
Donna McClure, South Africa

“Was Great! You’re Great!”

“Was Great! You’re Great!
For the first time ever I realized why I am on earth. I feel empowered and ready to live an amazing life. Watch this space!”

Janette Kuigel

“My first workshop ever and it was an amazing experience…”

“My first workshop ever and it was an amazing experience. I’m the 18 year old with the financial enterprise goal.

Your workshop really opened my eyes and made me see things I never realized. I do believe that it will help me in my life forward because I am learning these skills at this age and not at 40 or 50. Thank you for opening up my horizon!

“I am SO inspired!”

“I am SO inspired! Thank You Bruce & Co!

I can’t wait to put all that I have learned here into practice and make my life. Wow!!
The seminar was interesting, informative, fun and challenging. The time flew by and I was never bored. I can’t wait to spread the word!

David Lieth

“I now have a guideline on how to change my thinking…”

“I am about to record my first album…by myself! I have been worrying about the outcome and its success endlessly. I am so glad I now have a guideline on how to change my thinking, my programming and how to not worry about failure.

Thank you… one day you’ll see me winning a Grammy!”
Greg Carlin

“I am truly grateful…”

“I am truly grateful to you for your time, energy and knowledge shared during the course. I know my life will never be the same again, how could it!?
I’m living for the now, in the moment. Thank you Bruce!
With Love,”
Simone Blumberg

“I gained incredible insight and clarity…”

“I enjoyed today thoroughly. I now truly understand how to create a functional model out of the knowledge I have gained over the years.

I gained incredible insight and clarity on the process of manifestation and am going to live, sleep, eat & dream my new program for the next 21 days and create the life I have chosen from the ocean of possibilities surrounding me.
Thank you very much.”
Liz Davidson

“This will be an invaluable part of the success I make of my life…”

“Thank you Bruce, for a wonderful day! It was a pleasure to spend my time in this life-enriching seminar, which helped me to put my priorities in place.

I know this will be an invaluable part of the success I make of my life.”

“Brilliantly presented…”

“Brilliantly presented. My compliments.
Very inspiring. This is an event everyone should attend who is desirous to find and achieve their mission in life.”

Dr. Erik Schmikl

“You have helped me gain both clarity & perspective…”

“I thoroughly enjoyed your session – you have helped me gain both clarity & perspective about what I am going to achieve by setting an achieving a series of short term goals with long term focus.
Christine van Rensburg, South Africa

“Now I’m inspired to take action…”

“My husband and I flew in from East London last night to attend today’s workshop. It was worth every minute and every cent spent. We have both gained a lot.

Before the workshop I felt like I was on the verge of moving forward towards my goal, having set it last year & done all the obvious actions such as getting business plan, equipment & clearing personal debt.

Before today I was terrified of taking inspired action and to think that tonight I’m staying in a house belonging to someone who can propel my goal in the right direction.

Now I’m inspired to take action & am committed to myself & my goal. I have already attracted opportunities to act. Thank you Bruce & Team.”
Zimasa Daniels

“Thank you for being present in my life…”

“Bruce, I’m simply blown away. Your energy is infectious and it was wonderful to spend the day with so many miraculous people!

My childhood reports repeatedly stated I should stop day dreaming and focus. I have the tools now to do both. I can dream with focus & take massive action!

My passion is to impact the lives of others positively and I’m starting right now with myself, and by doing this daily I know I will add value to my family, my friends, my colleagues and everyone I’m going to meet.

I am just so overwhelmed, I am battling to really say what I want to say right now. I had so many A-ha!! moments today. All the best and thank you for being present in my life.”
Camilla Hazell Harradine

“Really inspiring & practical…”

“Really inspiring & practical. Thank you for helping me crystallize my new life through my new goals & programming.

Keep up great work and come back to visit soon so more can learn what you have taught me, I would love to do some of your other courses too.
God Bless.”

Stephen Groenewald

“Blown away by your presentation…”

“Both Linda and I were blown away by your presentation – both the content and your enthusiasm for it.

I have developed a huge interest in the whole quantum physics field, out of seeing ‘What the Bleep’ and having read the book. For me it is all a huge relief.

What your presentation did for me was to really give me a huge insight into how to apply it in reality. So a very big thanks for that.”
Anthony Kirk, Financial Freedom Coach, South Africa

“Bruce is just a wonderful, gifted, compassionate person…”

“Bruce is just a wonderful, gifted, compassionate person. He had the students hanging on every word. It was just fantastic and exactly what we needed to bring us all together.”
Amanda Board man, Chancellor of Eden Campus University, South Africa

“Utterly amazing…”

“Tonight was utterly amazing and you deserve great praise for your efforts. Your seminar is absolutely what I have been needing to do for months. My most sincere thanks for taking me through several barriers tonight.”
Live Harvey Fox, Entrepreneur

“Miracles are showing up too!”

“Thank you so much for the awesome presentation on Sunday. For me, on the one hand it really confirmed much that I already know and use, plus it also pushed me to take it all up several levels. Miracles are showing up too!!!!!!!”
Linda Smith, Life Coach

“So powerful…”

“The seminar was so powerful and just what I needed!”
De vine Cupid, South Africa

“I am usually very skeptical however this course had my full attention all day!”

“I thought the course was stimulating, mentally, emotionally and physically.
I am usually very skeptical however this course had my full attention all day!”

Dine Perel, South Africa

“None could get the concept across as effectively as you do…”

“I have heard many people try to explain Quantum Physics. None could get the concept across as effectively as you do. Well done for making the incomprehensible partly comprehensible!”
Alison Gitelson

“Brilliant techniques…”

“Brilliant techniques that everyone of us can relate to and apply to our lives effortlessly & move the world, a dynamic and inspiring day.
Thank you!”
Liz Bulla, South Africa

“What a privilege this has been to be in the presence of greatness!”

“What a privilege this has been to be in the presence of greatness! Thank you for this awesome workshop. Bruce makes it look so easy & doable.

I’m inspired to design my life. Just do it!”
Ingrid de Kock, South Africa

“Infinitely better than I thought it would be!”

“The seminar was infinitely better than I thought it would be! It will take my personal growth to a higher level.”
Wayne Bruyns, South Africa

“Really got me thinking…”

“I’ve been to seminars before, they bored the hell out of me, but this was fantastic!! It really got me thinking.
Jennifer Hebbard, South Africa

“I wish I had this experience when I was younger…”

“I wish I had this experience when I was younger. I feel I have a good few years left and what I have been taught today will make them richer.
Thanks for your energy and enthusiasm.”

Wendy Amyot, South Africa

“I am sure that I will achieve everything I want…”

“One more time, I must thank you for excellent seminar. I learned a lot, and now I am sure that I will achieve everything I want.

You came in to my life to expand my vision of what is possible. I have read many of books and have attended many seminars on this topic, but nobody has showed me how to practice the Law Of Attraction.

I wholeheartedly recommend the Designer Life workshop to anyone who wants to attract more love, happiness, money and health.”
Smiljan Mori, Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker – Slovenia

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