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In this video, I’ll teach you a little known technique that will help you rapidly accelerate your success in a project you’re working on. It’s called Trim Tabbing.

Trim Tabbing Success Technique

If you enjoyed this video, please leave your comments below and let me know what your trim tab is…


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  • Yvonne

    Hi Bruce, I like your video about trimtabbing and I think I have practiced it before without knowing it. But my question is this, I want to get off dialysis, so what would be the trimtab for that? I can’t think of anything, but this is the one thing I think is preventing me from getting married and having a family because when men hear this they can’t get away from me fast enough.

    • Bruce Muzik

      Hi Yvonne,

      I’m no doctor, but I suspect your trimtab would be finding a good one and asking him what to do next…

      BTW, dialysis is not preventing you from getting married – perhaps your belief about it is.

  • Pamela

    Hi Bruce,

    Checking back in again. We finally did get to Ecuador to check out living in South America, we are hooked on moving to a tropical location and nomad until we find our perfect resting place! It took us until February 2010 to get to Ecuador, the moment we came home, I knew my “trim tab” was to put the house up for sale, that got me to clear the clutter, pack up our home, get someone to help me stage it, paint, hold two garage sales. My husband got into action too and put in a granite counter top and got our yard in order. Now, for someone else’s trim tab to get into action and buy our lovely home.

    Next trim tab: to move my business a level higher. Thank you for this never get’s old video!


  • Mark Slade

    Great concept – cheers

  • Hana Evans

    Hi Bruce, thank you for this new technique, I have not heard this one before and it seems a clever, quite likely a very effective thing to do. Will apply it asap. Discovered you today and keen to hear more! Many thanks – it was my birthday yesterday and many magical things are already manifesting in my life, these clever tricks will have me on top of the world in no time:) Thank you for your vids! XXX Hana

  • Ellen

    Thanks once again Bruce,
    My trim tab plan: I currently have my trailer a.k.a. Manufactured home up for sale, it’s been for sale for about a year now. If I advertise again and accelerate the sale, it will force me to find a place to live which in turn will force me to get a job, as I have no income. Once I’m working, I can then be on my way to establishing a method of getting my own business going helping people promote their talents. I will be able to network better once I’m employed because I’ll have more face to face contact with people.

  • suvef

    hi bruce, I am suvef from india.bruce I need your help. I decided to make 10 milliones in this one financial year but i dont know how to make that much money.I saw in the movie secret that i have to declare how much money i want to make and universe will show me the way and then i have to act on that. please tell me…

  • robbie

    Thanks for that Bruce
    Please can throw a few more mystery discounts up. They seem to have been snapped up to quickly.

  • Karen Seegert

    In response to the advice to see the benefits of your problems – I get the theory and know that changing perspective and focus of beliefs can open new energy patterns that will perpetuate in a ripple effect. While I preach that within every adversity lies the seed of a greater benefit, I am having great difficulty with finding the benefits in lifelong hurtful issues. It seems that each positive reinforces a core negative. I am listening to relaxation for wealth. Can you provide a tip to help?

  • Theresa in Venice, FL

    Excellent work from you as always, Bruce. I just completed NLP train the trainer, and it seems you weave NLP into your speaking style very effortlessly. It’s a good example for me to study. I recommend you to others and have bought your audio recordings with satisfaction.

    Theresa (Hypnotherapist in Venice, FL)

  • Adil Amarsi

    Hey Bruce,
    Just an update:

    I got back from Mark Anastasi’s event.
    It was amazing, I made a lot of new friends and got myself a coach which has started to put everything else into place.

    Speak to you soon!


  • Debbie Thompson

    Thank You Bruce!
    You know how sometimes you just get stuck? That’s where I’ve been for over a month. I made out my lists of goals a while ago, then I broke each of those down, then down again into specific daily tasks bunched together by ‘type of task’ to let me get more things done in alot less time, but…. I haven’t been able to get to where my ‘Ultimate Dreams’ are. It’s almost enough to make a person want to give up. Then I watched this video of yours on ‘Trim Tabbing’! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! This is undoubtedly my missing link! The fact that it’s so very simple is most likely why I overlooked it for so long. You have my deepest gratitude!
    Thank You, Bruce, for giving so much of yourself AND your time to help all of us out and for sharing with us the wonderful tools to make a better life!
    Sincerely, Debbie Thompson (California)

  • Frans Olivier

    Thanks Bruce.A very practical and inspirational Video.
    Something totally fresh from a different angle,which make a lot of sense. I am already in possession of the Relaxation for Wealth, and use it continuously.I already achieved great successes,for which I am very grateful to you as my Mentor.Will forward you some of the success stories.
    Wish you well and Blessings with your venture to the Caribbean Island.
    Frans Olivier
    South Africa

  • Upender Joshi

    It was a good inspirational cue to stay focused on your goal and another reminder to your mind, “Stay Awake To What You Want To Achieve”

  • Dorothy Biagioni

    Hi Bruce
    Thank You so very much for sharing this video with us. We as Humans, tend to make things difficult. When, in reality, Life can be very joyous, prosperous and easy.
    Thank You for the reminder.
    You really are a special and talented Human Being.
    In Peace and Light to All
    Dorothy Biagioni

  • Pamela Cournoyer

    Hi Prince Charming!

    This was another outstanding production, you look fantastic, you sound incredible and your words are so full of wisdom. I just did this, we want to move to the Caribbean too and needed to get into action. I called a Realtor and are listing our house in the spring – that gives us one year to visit the locations to live.

    I’m going to do the exercise for getting through my emails – any suggestions? I want to do it all!

    It’s so good to hear you talk!


  • Stephen Pierce

    Hi Bruce,

    Excellent presentation of trim tabbing – you nailed it!

    Now off to explore the rest of your site.

    Best wishes,

  • Bruce Muzik

    Robin, it IS that simple! No need to complicate life. Did you do the exercise? If you invest 5 minutes and some intellectual effort in this exercise, you’ll see how simple it is…


  • Vass

    Bruce I like your never stopping creativity and your positive attitude.Great video again.
    Best wishes

  • Robin

    Like the video..interesting concept. Wish it was that simple.

  • Brock Bowen

    Thanks Bruce – my trim tab is to leave employment and focus on being an entrepeneur, performer and faciitator of the awakening warrior program. Leaving employment is the trim tab.

    I have also found daily meditation and yoga, focusing on my intention and the world shifts around me.

    Great vid…


  • Richard Swan

    Hi Bruce,

    Really liked the video – excellent concept you’re discussing.

    Funnily enough after having LOTS of success with your Relaxation for Manifestation over recent months, I wanted to focus even more specifically on wealth and so ordered your Relaxation for Wealth product.

    Then you go and launch your ‘mystery’ discount program! Don’t worry, no negative reaction to this moment of bad timing on my part. I just smiled when I read it, in the certain knowledge that the old full price I’ve paid will MORE than pay itself back!

    I’ve already got an idea of what kind of trim-tabbing actions I can take to accelerate some of my plans on two fronts in my life – publicising my book further, and also kick-starting my property investing. So thanks for the nice overview of this technique, it’s reassured me quite a bit as I was starting to feel overwhelmed at the list of tasks/actions I started to brainstorm for the paths ahead. This technique could really simplify and accelerate those plans.

    Keep up the good work and enjoy your time in the Bahamas!


  • Diana

    Thank you Bruce,this is an awesome way to get out of the comfort zone to achieve the goals one is setting.

  • Bruce Muzik

    Hi Therese,

    The link for the Relaxation for Wealth is still working and there are still a few mystery discounts. Go to and click the order link. Then type MYSTERY into the coupon code field and click APPLY.



  • Debra Oakland

    The most powerful messages are the ones that show us how simple it can really be to make changes. Thank you for sharing the Trim Tab illustration. Powerful, Simple and delivered brilliantly Bruce.
    Enjoy your new home!

  • Susie

    Thanks, Bruce for the excellent post and for the discount offer! I’ve been using Relaxation for Manifestation and look forward to Relaxation For Wealth.
    The best to you, hope you enjoy the Bahamas!

  • Phillipa

    You’ve done it again, Bruce! So beautifully simple, it’s downright frightening. This is exciting!

    Thanks! I needed to hear this.

  • Rebecca Norrington

    I just saw your suggestion to open the video on YOUtube. Will do! Have a WONDERFUL day! How is the 6 pack coming along? I’m curious. I’ve been teaching exercise for over 25 years…..even doing situps in my 9th month of pregnancy back in 1985!!!!

  • John Bernard

    Nice one Bruce. Also can certainly tell the difference with the weight loss. Is the new eating regime easy to maintain?

    Best wishes,

    John Bernard

  • Jerusha Naidoo

    Hey Bruce,

    This video is great and makes sense. I am going to try trim-tabbing.


  • Bruno Vigneault

    Trim tabbing is like pushing the first domino in the line. It is a catalyst in the law of attraction creation process. It is very effective and I have been doing it for a long time. Thanks.

  • Robert

    It’s a lovely video and a great filming location so what a mind shift anchor.
    Trim tabbing is one of those nifty metaphors that are so effective once spotted. OK it comes in various forms of descriptions, one of which is the inescapable motivation. Once that fledgling bird drops off the edge of its nest it better learn to fly in the next 2 seconds otherwise Oooops, it’s likely to end up as someone lunch.

    So yes, once found and activated(in my experience not always so easy like right now)it certainly works fast. I’ve never done it in 2 seconds but certainly you have no option – you just have got to learn to fly.

    So thanks for the video, which hopefully will make the difference for me right now.

    Robert Denton

  • Friz

    Loved the video. It’s true, we go through life doing the same things over and over and over, then we die. Life is supposed to be easy. It’s supposed to be fun. But far too often, it’s a bitch and then we die. I’m ordering the relaxation for wealth. I am in control and I will indeed change my life. Trim Tab for the world – here I come!

  • Bruce Muzik

    If you’re struggling to open the video, perhaps watch in YouTube here:


  • Sandra

    Thanks Bruce. More inspirational common sense.

  • Peter

    Hi, I watched the video with interest. Thanks a lot. I’m not sure how ‘new’ this technique really is though? It seems to be an another way of saying look for a catalyst in your life which can create change for you. That catalyst could be something inside or outside of yourself. I have applied ‘trim tabbing’ to trying to look for a new meaningful relationship and starting a new business. I’ve taken action steps and made some progress towards my goals but finding the one thing that can make a difference and create leverage is not as easy as it appears. Goal achievement is frustrating, takes effort and continuous focus. Thats my experience. Maybe Bruce can teach us all how we can stay the course and overcome the wrong turns and frustrations once we’ve set sail.

  • Anita

    Great video! Clear and relaxed example/metaphor for taking a step to change things. Thanks.


  • Adil Amarsi

    Hey Bruce!
    Long time my friend and congrats on the Bahama’s though I would love to meet you in London prior to your move.

    Anyway this is a pretty awesome vid and funny you post this the day after I make up my goal and find out what I need to do.

    Okay so my action is to get to Mark Anastasi’s Traffic Summit this weekend and speak with the internet marketers and ask for help.

    The reason being I want to be financially independent before my birthday, which is 96 days from this day.

    Speak soon Bruce and hopefully see you soon.

    Best wishes,

    P.s. Do have a look at my blog soon 🙂

  • Negero

    i am an able to open the video. i hope you can help me

  • Shirlanne

    I like your smooth effortless manner of presenting topics Bruce. You have such a commanding yet calming manner of speaking.It’s pleasantly hypnotic.I’m going to have to get me a copy of relaxation for wealth….now

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