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The Popeye Method For Personal Growth

My alarm went off at 05:45 and I hit snooze…

I couldn’t get out of bed this morning.

A little voice in my head was telling me,
“Sleep in Bruce… It’s warm and comfortable here and it’s cold and dark outside”.

Then, another voice in my head piped up and began doing battle with the first voice saying,
“Dude! You committed to going to the gym every morning this month. Don’t let yourself down…”

Jeez, it was a tough 30 minute match, but in the end, the 2nd voice won and I went to gym. I’m on a mission to get 6-pack abs and more often than not, in order to manifest the BIG things in life, you need to get yourself uncomfortable.

In fact, I’d go as far to say that real transformation cannot happen inside your comfort zone…

So, I made this video to share some insight on how you can go about transforming some area(s) of your life.



P.S. Please leave a comment below. I value your feedback and enjoy reading it.

P.P.S. Check out the PopEye video below. If you don’t want to watch the whole thing, watch minutes 4:45 onwards. Notice how PopEye and Olive both transform at the end of the video (5:35)

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  • Delia McCabe

    Great message Bruce!
    Being an immigrant like you, from SA, I know about stretching too …
    However, on a strange tangent to your topic, PLEASE DON’T SWALLOW ANY MORE COD LIVER OIL!!!!
    Having researched fats and oils for a decade, it’s not the Omega 3 your body needs… Just think about what the liver is meant for… It’s the detoxifying organ… Not just for us but for the cod too…
    Just completing a book about the truth about fats and oils, and take it from someone else with integrity, damaged cod liver oil should be replaced by an undamaged EFA supplement (which doesnt smell bad, but isnt rancid, which cod liver oil is…)
    All the very best
    Look forward to your response
    Delia 🙂

  • Lawrence

    Hey there Bruce ..

    You’re totally spot-on there once again. I simply laugh quote SOME Law Of Attraction teachers when they say to be positive and just follow your heart’s content. I know as I was one of those guys who would simply imagine (note- not visualize) myself being happy and suddenly expecting all sorts of goody good things flooding into my life.

    You need to take ACTION as you aptly suggest across all of your interesting posts. You also need to Sacrifice somethings which clearly aren’t getting you the desired results.

    I will keep on following better people like yourself. Am here to improve my screenplay life. And by doing my bit, I might also improve your screenplay life as well 🙂

    Thank you immensely my buddy. Now go and design your 6-pack. You owe it to us to make it happen 😉

    Cheers to all.

    To yourscreenplaylife


  • timothy lee haas

    It all makes since so how does one with ADD and being a introvert make this happen because i want this

  • Agnese

    Thank you for awesome advice! Totally agree and from my experience – I’m saying – in the beginning getting out comfort – its hard! There was a time – I started learn English 3 years ago- uuu that was interesting – but not every day was easy! I come up with idea to do some door to door sales in UK! WOW 3 years ago that was challenged – training was hard, full off frustration, but it was worth it – after 3 – 4 month – I learned English + I have awesome friends now!!!

  • david meiklejohn

    great law advice,just what i was looking to hear for now was getting a little stuck,thanks fo the heads up cheers bruce keep it coming!

  • Jewel Okwechime

    I have had my fair share of Spinach (Joining Arbonne, Network marketing as a chemical engineer, a new relationship…..)and now I take it because I am looking forward to the results which are far more rewarding. I anticipate what is to come and I am excited 🙂

  • cassey

    […] Transform Your Life Without Changing – The PopEye Method […]

  • zara

    Dear Bruce,

    your video was great, all what you said is right ,coz no one will know himself well if he didn’t get out of his comfort zone,to kill THE VOICE in us is not easy but we must try killing the Voice is eating the spish of PopEye. this in addition to the BIG thank YOU of your nice emails your are sending about law of attraction.waiting from you the more as a student for you 🙂

  • Nina

    Hi Bruce,

    Your email with the Popeye method came just in right time so I will give it a trial and try my one month transformation 🙂 I hope it will work althio i have no doubt really as all your emails so far have been very helpful to me to see the bigger picture.

  • Shirley Laca

    Hi Bruce,
    I’m really glad i see u accidentally in the net because i am looking for something of how am i going to improve my life more.Every morning I’m always excited to check my inbox if you have send me an email.Now everything you told me in your email I’m starting to do it.Yeah it’s really difficult to be out in our comfort zone but if we really want to transform our life we really need to put pressure on it.I really thank you for giving me the opportunity to know more about the Law of Attraction.

  • shobna

    Hi Bruce,
    I don’t agree with this getting uncomfortable and pressure part.I have seen people struggle all their life and never achieved a certain goal but some achieve it most comfortably with little effort and almost instantly.There must be another secret to this.As we all know there are people who spend all their lives doing what they hate to do but never achieving financial freedom.While some work a few hours a week earning fabulous sums of money.

    In the making of,

  • Charlie Runge

    Hi Bruce,
    My current spinache is Bikram Yoga. In April this year, after 3 years of no exercise and growing larger by the year, I decided to get back into my practice and am currently doing a 30 day challenge. It consists of 90mins of yoga every day for 30 days in a 40 degree heated studio.

    Today was day 13, so I’m almost half way there and can’t tell you how much better I’m feeling about myself! Body, mind and spirit are getting back in order and it’s amazing how facing one issue allows one to grow in the others.

  • Cheryl

    Bruce, it makes sense that getting out of your comfort zone will help you achieve your goals. I have a goal of transforming my body through exercise. I started by first getting rid of fatty foods from my pantry and then signing up at the gym. Unfortunately the week after I signed up at the gym I hurt my leg and was told to stay off it for 2 months. Nevertheless, I will never give up on my quest.

  • Nicola Zielinski

    Bruce, thank you so much for your video. I love this spinach theory. Although I already knew this theory about stretching yourself out of your comfort zone I feel that you have reminded me of the importance of it and I am going to do just that from now on. My spinach is getting up early and going for a walk or a swim before work. Like you I find my bed so comfortable. Thanks again Nicola 🙂

  • sherry

    I agree with you, we often want to make things better and just expect it to happen on its own, yes we need the positive attitude but we also need ACTION….:)Thanks for sharing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Angela

    Hi Bruce,I totally agree with what you’re saying. I did just that last year (stepped out of my comfort zone) and finally admitted to my ex husband that I didn’t love him and wanted to leave. Next brave thing, (possibly stupid in today’s climate), I quit my manergerial job after 5 and a half years with out having another job to go to, but I was so unhappy and stressed out. I had thought about going to college to study photography as I really enjoy it and I’d already applied but hadn’t heard back from them. I managed to get me a part time job at my local Spar which would fit around college (I got in). I am studying Art and Photography and heading into my second year in September. I left my husband in February and we divorced in October. In the space of 3 months I went from being a married woman with a full time job as a shop manager to single woman and a stduent working part time as a supervisor in my local Spar. And all because I dared to step out of my comfort zone. I’ve read so many self help books but none of them worked because I wouldn’t step out of my comfort zone, then one day I was given the opportunity and I knew it was now or never. Now I just have to work on my self esteem and confidence so I can find the man of my dreams, my soul mate. I believe in the power of visualisation, I also believe that we have to act on the opportunities we are given if we want to grow and transform. Thank you, Angela 🙂

  • Yolanda

    Hi Bruce

    I like this reading your emails and enjoy ur thoughts and view of of to get the life I always seen for myself.

    I’ve been trying to get a new job for the past 4months but everytime I call this person to set up an interview with his never in office. Ive been geting so frustrated and angry but since I signed up with ur email, Im more relaxed and more patiecent. But Im still have not seen results yet. Can u help me get out my comfort zone PLEASE!!!!

    South Africa – Cape Town

  • Natascha van Ellinckhuijzen

    Hi Bruce….

    Gee-wizz! I am blown away! I never thought the answer would be so simple! I have a lot of spinach to swallow! My life was falling apart in all directions, but you have helped me to gain control over so many areas! Thanks a MILLION Bruce!

  • rai

    hi bruce!
    just want to say thanks! its all what i need in my life…now all i need to do is to be firm and strong to be ablr to get out of my comfort zone. really love your video…and also those you send on my inbox. tnanks! godbless!

  • Jerome

    Such a revelation for me. Though I’ve been an avid fan and follower of books inclined in Law of Attraction yet this transformation – issue has not been tackled at all from other books or articles..Now, i can feel this gusto from within me – such energetic motivation to bring on the challenges and be transformed! Thanks Bruce!

  • Jack

    Hi Bruce
    Well done, I enjoy your thoughts and advice. Your downloads are some of the best I’ve used.
    I like to use of the spinach, its got me thinking about my discipline and about delaying my rewards until I deserve them.

  • Brenda

    Hi Bruce, thank you so much for sharing with us, I love
    the way you have put the “spinach” across, will definately be swollowing my spinach in a big way from now on!!!!!

  • Ross

    Hi Bruce,

    Totally true mate. Wonderful to hear it put so simply and in your face without being too blunt. My spinach is getting rejected. lol. Always was afraid of that. But as you say I have to go the hard yards to make the “easy stuff” simple.

    Thanks for sharing.


  • Jasson

    Loved the popeye title
    My area of transformation is the ability to sore with eagles instead of flocking with turkeys and the ability to step out of my uncomfortable comfort zone so lately without my knowledge at times i find myself finishing things now that’s a challenge i have given myself and so far it’s actually begun to work weird continue succeeding

  • Ellen

    Hi Bruce,
    Great motivation by the way! My spinach is standing up for myself in addressing my previous employer. I quit this job to go to another similar position, however, I was not successful at the new job. I believe with every fiber of my being the reason that I wasn’t successful was that I needed to resolve an issue with the other company. It’s kind of complicated but it has to do with taking a stand on my ethical and moral standards, which was the core reason why I quit the one company. I have no income and have been living on my credit cards for several months. I just received a letter saying that I am going to get my food assistance taken from me. With the help of Legal Aid, I intend on eating a lot of spinach addressing this company because at this point I have nothing left to lose. I suppose was forced me to eat the spinach was the letter saying my food assistance was going to be taken from me.

  • Alan Brighton

    Hi Bruce

    And the Law Of Attraction means that the first example you gave (cold calling) is so “on the money” for me it’s scary. So here we go, time to eat lots of spinach.

  • sue willis

    Thanks for all this wisdom you pass on to help other people, like me! It’s v. helpful, you have a real gift and I appreciate all you’ve done. Thanks so much,

  • Bruce Muzik


    I suggest that you focus on living the life you want to live and not focusing on the how. I became a published author and my only intention was to get to #1 on the NY Times bestseller list. I had no idea how it would happen and I did not really care if it happened or not. Well, 2 years later, my book hit #1 on two times.

    My point is that if you focus on the things you want, rather than the how (signing a contract) the chances are a lot higher that you’ll attract it. When you are attached to your outcome, you put a spanner in the universal system :-0

    There’s more about this in the Relaxation For Manifestation owners manual.


  • Lezlie

    Hey Bruce,
    I always watched Popeye as a kid, and also always loved butterflies. So the spinach for my transformation – exercize. I want to do it, I know I need to do it, but it’s hard to stay consistant when it feels like a chore. My 1st thought- begin to look at it differently, then maybe I’ll do what you did, and committ to 1 month (of min. 3 days/wk every week), and see what happens.
    In the rest of my life I have definately stepped out of my confort zone. I quit my job of 10 yrs. to allow the time to figure out what I’m really suppose to be doing. I’m trusting in the universe to let me know what my Life Mission is, and to bring me whatever/whomever to get me to the place of fullfilling that. There is certainly some incredable and helpful info. out there. Thanks for yours.
    Here’s to a transformational life ~ Lezlie

  • victor merrick

    Hey, Bruce. Greetings from Oz. You are definitely among the best. Could you advise me? I KNOW i am a True
    Writer but i cannot decide on the best visual. I can imagine the sybols of seeing my hand signing a Contract
    and receiving an envelope with ROYALTY on the side yet somehow i am not convinced. Will appreciate any feed-back.
    PS I will be ordering cd and have you ever related how you got started as i recall you were into this long before that overblown Secret.
    Best Victor

  • Nahidur

    Hi Bruce,
    I just have wached your popeye vedio and its really nice to get a good idea how to move forward. Since Aug-08 I remain unemployed and trying to get a job but failed since then. I have sent CV’s atleast to 100 companies and they not even responded eventhough I have work experiences over 15 years. During this time I also tried to do business (garments accessories) and knocked doors of about 50 persons and they gave me hope but end result none of they could give me orders. Now would you please tell me that where am I making mistakes? Moreover, I tried to focus on what I want but due to a severe financial crisis I cannot properly focus on that.. What to do? Need your advise.. Thanks

  • Lee Eckel

    Hey Bruce, Liked the PopEye message…good stuff. You might want to check out Pete Sisco’s body building protocol. If you do, you might have your six pack abs in record time! I posted the link to his site above. I’m not an affiliate.. I’ve just never had such amazing results in the gym… I am greatly enjoying Relaxation for Manifestation… I’m at the end of my first week and can feel it working for sure. Thanks, Lee

    • Bruce Muzik


      Thanks for the tip. I got Pete’s eBook and it’s amazing. Love the Static Contraction method. Going to try it out.


  • sonic.netLESTER


  • Elizabeth Dulawer

    Hi Bruce,
    Thank You for the inspirational emails.I really enjoyed
    the Popeye video which made me realized that I too must
    get myself out from the comfort zone.
    Thanks again


  • mike

    hi Bruce,
    nice video on “the secret to transformation”.
    i want to say a big thank you for the mails you have been sending to me on the law of attraction, thumbs up.
    but i need a little help on the issue of attraction of the things you want. i have a biz of my own, though i just started it less than 3 months, sales isnt as much as i would have loved, besides, i keep telling myself that i am using the biz that i am currently into as a spring board into building a bigger and a more prospering biz.
    the issue now is that i am at a cross road, i want a big and prospering biz, i have started visualizing my contacts, and many biz associatiates and some biz activities,but i dont know if its really right to start that especially when the current sales at my present biz is not satisfactory.
    please i need your candid opinion and comment and advice on this.
    thanks so much.
    looking forward to your reply.

  • stella

    Hi Bruce!
    I like your video about “The Secret to Transformation”. Sometimes you challenge the life and sometimes you let it go. We usually need to be motivated to act and I think we stick to our comfort zone not because of escaping hard tasks, but escaping from traumas we had to face in our lives. If my knee hurts, it wouldn’t stop me walking, but if someone wounds my heart hand spirit, that’s what would stop me walking!
    or …. can it be an EXCUSE just because I love my comfort zone?! 🙁

  • Mukesh

    hi bruce,
    my spinach is to wake up consisstently at 5.00 am and do regular excise,and meditaion 7 days a week and 365 days a year.i do some times and again go to comfort zone of waking at 7.00am and skip excise and meditation.

    i will defineately do it from today onwards


  • Ronnie

    The LAST thing folks want to hear is someone telling them they need to get out of their comfort zone!!
    Personally I love spinach, cod liver oil and my comfort zone.

  • Rajendra

    Hi Bruce,

    Very inspiring piece of advise but also challenging to test your determination to achieve what you are striving for – as there is saying “no pain no gain”. Thank you very much for keeping me posted – I am definitely going to find out my Spinach and swallow them.

  • Anthony

    Hi Bruce
    Great inspirational speech, Something for my Sub conscious
    to accept hope to see your abbs or 6 pack whenever As for comfort zone? What is that? I guess taking Spinach and Cod liver oil answers that question Keep up the good work
    You have the correct surname (Suits your personality)

  • Lucille

    Hi Bruce

    Thanks for this video. I need to get out of my comfort zone and swallow the spinach, by getting out into the public and do word of mouth advertising. I recently starting a business whereby I have to do word of mouth advertising and cannot find any prospects to join the business. From seeing this video you created helped me see what I have to do to get those prospects. I HAVE TO SWALLOW THOSE SPINACH!!!

    Thank you Bruce.

  • bart van hoeck

    Hi Bruce,

    I have swallowed alot of spinach but not so far have gotten the sweet part only the sour part.
    Now i known a this very interesting american girl which got me to know for sure i have to stick with her cause this feeling she gives me when thinking about her that one should not seek any further.
    Now i’m having the image of seeing myself on that plain going to FLorida and see is waiting at the airport.
    Sometimes it’s not easy to hold on to the feeling cause it still i still tend to get run over with alot of negative thoughts which then make be get back at where i was before the feeling of beeing left behind and forgotten so to me my spinach is going to Florida and creating the dream life i’ve been looking for so i can live my life and take time of without worrying of running out so i can go to Florida more then once a year like 3 to 4 times.

    The other portion of spinach is not any diffirent from what you’ve talked about the part of getting out of your bed and go to the Gym with me it’s Krav Maga which is a combat sport it’s every Saterday morning but so far i havn’t gone yet even if in my mind i see myself allready training and seeing the benefits it gives from knowing how to push back i’ve done many martial arts i’ve been doing Aikido for 3 years and now that’s on hold due to home study course i’m following on energetic healing theraphy consultant.
    I’m have images that still need to be brought out in the open,and i work somewhere where i just don’t see myself much later still doing but something else.
    I can see myself doing decorations of houses going from floors to walls and so on.
    Sometimes images if what i still can do come to me and of what i will do.But due to finacialy some thing’s are beeing delayed so i’ve got much that hasn’t come to pass and so i’m still trying to keep it all running so it can.


  • erskine

    I am curious to find more about the tehnique of visualisation. Can u post an article about ways to practice it?
    thank you!

  • Lucy Kamanja

    You know Bruce, I just love the idea of the PopEye technique. We live too long in a “comfort” zone which is not comfortable. I must now prepare ‘to swallow my spinach’. You’ve just given me encouragement to get rid of my fears and make the jump I’ve been wanting to do for years. You are a great coach and God Bless.

  • Bertrand

    Hi.5 Bruce
    .You hit the nail right on the head,one can’t build a muscle without stretching it beyond its usual limits and thats how life is.Thanks for breaking it down for easy understanding.
    my problem is lack of discipline,sometimes i prefer to use the word inconsistency but for me they are same cos sometimes i am doing everything right with the right attitude but then other times i just flake out.
    Any advice???? Nice vid btw.

  • Marie

    Hi Bruce! The video is great. I have a question on what the next step is after the spinach! I have been getting out of my comfort zone to market my artwork and have had luck getting venues to show my work in New York City and other great opportunities. Yet, have not sold my art as I visualize. Using techniques to clear blocks. Any other advice?

    Marie, USA

  • Cassandra

    Dear Bruce, thank you for your video, it was very interesting.
    Since 12th March, I have challenged myself to finish my first book, which I am coming to end. I had to write with pen and paper, before I could type it and already, I was out of my comfort zone and on Wednesday I am starting next novel in the Xavian series.

    I have my writing contract on my wardrobe and I have made my affirmination tapes and listen to it, while I am awake writing and while I am sleeping. I started from this morning, getting up at 3.00 to 4.30 a.m to write and listen to either my tapes or one of the law of attraction masters.

    I have to receive money before 24 April, buy two houses before 30 April and get a book deal before 6 May. I have to set myself the biggest challenge ever, because if I don’t I would never get out of the situation, I am in. That is my popeye method,to challenge myself in doing the most outrageous.

    And by September 2009. I will be living in my new home, after the repairs and decoration have been done.

    Once again, thank you very much
    God bless

  • Tope

    Dear Bruce
    It is enlightening to know the difference between change and transformation.My spinach will be to take action and start a business of my own.
    Thanks so much for sharing the popeye method



  • Monique

    Dear Bruce

    That makes so much sense to me.

    I think my spinach at the moment is to gather the courage to apply for more jobs and actually look forward to job interviews instead of feeling extreme fear and dread because of the belief that I might not be good enough to be employed.

    Thank you again for another great video.

  • shelley

    Dear Bruce,
    I appreciate the way you put things across so that I am able to better understand and incorporate these lessons in my life. I started learning about the LOA only a year ago. It is turning my life completely around. I first got rid of the excess baggage and lies I learned all of my life and now am working on the health area of my life. It has been amazingly easy because I just want to. I never cave in or cheat. I feel as if the world is bouying me up to help. I love the popeye lesson. I want to change into a butterfly too. Thanks for your positive take on life.

  • Mary

    Dear Bruce,
    Thanks for your message! It is inspiring. First I need to let go of failure to get out of my comfort zone…
    Love and Peace,

  • Betty Logan

    You are right about getting out of your comport zone even when it is scary or uncomfortable is necessary for growth. By doing what you think you can not do for a period of time, you definitely develop new skills and grow. I have personally experienced this, but had “forgotten: this lesson. The combination of getting outside of your comfort zone with your eyes on your ultimate goal to make this more positive is the best way for growth. My personal “spinach” is getting my manuscript to people i trust to critique and receive the input to get this to a publisher.

  • Harr

    Thanks Bruce,
    You are a great and giving person. I trust it’s all coming back to you—golden rule.
    I enjoyed your kitchen transformation talk. My “spinach” is in discipline itself. I need daily to lock-focus on goals, ignore discouragement and increase the pressure—full steam ahead.

    My transformation from chronic ADD to Attention Discipline Devotion, (I just coined this new spin on ADD thanks to your questions) must be replete with spinach also kale, lambs quarter, broccoli, swiss chard, brussels sprouts and more greens…

  • Susan

    Hi Bruce!

    I wonder if you might also be able to just produce audios? I have dialup service and can’t view the videos.

    Thanks for your consideration, I know I’m not the only one with this problem of not being able to share in your transformative information.

  • Lumi

    Hi, Bruce!
    It’s the first time I watch one of your videos…I’m living in a remote area on the island of Rhodes, Greece and my connection is reaaaally slow…
    Anyway, I loved your video, you found a humurous way to say the serious things, and that’s wonderful!
    Thank you for sharing your experiences!
    My spinach now….overcome fear of not being good enough and start PAINTING!
    Be well and happy!

  • anne

    Hi Bruce thanks for your video.I got really good at manifesting things and money but was still desperately unhappy because i can never seem to have a happy rerlationship.My dad was a brutal wife batterer my mum hates men and everytime i had a relationship she would say all men are bastards it wont last he doesn’t love you or care about you you’ll soon find out he’s just a selfish bastard like all the rest.And guess what? 2 months ago i told her i didn’t want to listen to it anymore and that i’d seen lot’s of other people have happy relationships.I said ‘i will never be happy if i listen to you’ 2 months later she has just been diagnosed with oesophagus cancer,she can’t swallow.My partner turned out not to care about me and has in fact apparently no feelings for anyone.I find myself back to square one the same position when my first boyfriend dumped me after sleeping with me.My dad used to beat me up and call me a prostitute at the age of 4. I feel so hopeless.I’ve been trying self -improvement for 35 years and .I see I am in a viscious circle.Please help me to find my spinach?I forced myself out of bed today at 5 pm with EFT.I want to go running but feel so depressed and tired.Could you please give me some advice,everything I’ve tried never works.I feel like mum is dying and i caused it by telling her to shut up her negative drivel…Help Anne xxx

    • Bruce Muzik

      Anne, you have shared so much with me. Thank you.

      I recommend you attend the Landmark Forum.

      It isa 3 day course that will help you permanently transform your beliefs about what happened to you. They have courses all over the world. It totally changed my life when I did it 6 years ago. I have not found anything else that gets such BIG results in only 3 days.

      Do it and then come back to me and let me know how you are doing.

      With love


  • Josie


  • Rob Best

    Hey Bruce

    Loved the change / transformation analogy!

    My spinach to date this year has been off-loading some of the dead wood in my investment portfolio. That done, it’s suddenly performing better than it ever has, and delivering a passive income stream! Yay!

    My spinach for the rest of the year is to haul ass down to Chipping Norton once a month for 8 months of Transformation with Darren Eden. Scary – but I know I’ll be different at the end of it!

    Go well, sir!


    PS I love spinach!

  • Mark

    Hey Bruce,
    never met before, and this is the first blog I have ever written! I am still not up with blogs etc… Anyway someone made a comment about not opening your email because they have been bombarded with inspirational emails etc, and I agree, I have felt the same lately, I seemed to have recently opened a floodgate of self development guru’s, and I now go through them fairly quickly sorting out what I think will be useful in my life, and what I think is useless and wasting my energy and time. Though getting all this knowledge is better than none at all!
    I really have a lot of great stuff (life changing) downloaded on my computer now, and I will eventually get through it all!
    I would just like to say that you’re Popeye video also came at the right time for me, and has made me realize that I really do have to get myself out of my current and getting me nowhere comfort zone, and start pushing myself again to where and who I want to be in this life.
    I know what you mean about a warm bed on a cold and miserable morning!? We do have to push beyond our comfort zones to get past barriers to a more sweet and fully rewarding life.
    Keep up the good work.

    Kind regards,

    Mark (Australia)
    PS: By the way thanks for the free download 🙂

  • lincoln ong

    great content…..

  • Dorothy Biagioni

    Thank You Bruce. You really are a TERRIFIC mentor. I particularly needed to hear the Popeye message. It’s time to get out of my comfort zone and increase my Healing Practice.
    I needed the good swift verbal kick in the butt………..
    Wishing you a Wonderful Weekend.
    Thank You
    Dorothy Biagioni

  • Bruce Muzik

    Thanks Pookie. I’ll go buy some…

  • Pookie

    Dear Bruce,
    I never open your emails because I’m feeling overdosed on inspirational material and today I did for the first time. I got just what I need right now from your Popeye video and have been contemplating what you said all day. So thanks and here’s some info for you:
    I don’t want to spoil your heroic cod liver oil taking experience but did you know you can get nice cod liver oil that tastes of lemon, and its a very high quality one. You can get it from, Brand is Carlson, its Norwegian. So you inspired me to start taking it again, found mine at the back of the fridge, just had a couple of spoon fulls, delicious! xx

  • Frans Olivier

    Bruce,many thanks for your informative,positive and generous presentations. What I admire about you is that you speak from a platform of experience and knowledge. Man, that is what fills the apple with juice.
    I very much enjoyed the PopEye Transformation Movie. So simple, yet so powerful.
    Thanks so much for your inspiration.


    South Africa

  • Ruth

    I now have a visual of eating the spinach. It is brilliantly powerful in it’s simplicity. My spinach is taking action towards my goals. Thanks Bruce. I am going to eat a huge can of spinach today.

    I love your Relaxation for Manifestation
    xx Ruth from Australia

  • Michael

    Hi Bruce,
    Keep it up………………

  • Estelle

    Hi Bruce,

    Great analysis, really enjoyed your vid today. We get so easily tricked into playing it safe and staying in our comfort zones. Thanks for reminding me that uncomfortable is good to propel you to the next level. Feel the fear(look at the spinach) and do it(EAT IT…) anyway!!

  • Hanka Koster

    Yes. Generous is the word that comes to my mind as well when I consider what your emails and video’s mean obviously not only to me but to a whole bunch of people.

    I find it amazing and really cool to see you doing this.

    So here I go again: thanx Bruce!!

  • min

    Thank you so much for sharing all this valuable information.
    My spinich is to study and pass an exam I am avoiding for the past 9 years. This will change my life.

  • Lindsey

    Great youtube – I was talking to a client about moving forwards yesterday – your analogy would have been great to share with him. Also my favourite cartoon as a child was Popeye (am I showing my age?).

    What is my spinach – marketing my own workshops – just got to go for it.

    Many thanks for your emails and videos – they have helped me and some my clients – what an amazing generous guy you are.

    Cheers and have a great weekend

  • Nickie

    Hi Bruce

    I sent a comment yesterday but cannot see it on the site. It was the first time I left a comment and wondered what happened to it. It was quite lengthy so I’ll provide only a very brief synopsis of what I said.

    Your video made me think and realise that one of the things that I currently find quite difficult is probably performance. I had also asked whether you had any CDs for improving performance ability.



    • Bruce Muzik

      Hi Nickie,

      I’m not sure what happened to your comment on the blog… I did check, but could not find it in my control panel…

      About the performance CD’s…

      My Relaxation For Manifestation is designed to help you program your mind with a goal. This goal could be a performance, a skill, a vision of your future etc…

      Visualization is possibly the most effective when applied to performance.

      In fact, just this last weekend I was playing a business game competing against 80 teams (we were building LEGO cars in the fastest time – a game designed to teach us about systems thinking and team work). Before we began, I guided my team through a visualization to enhance our performance. Well, after the final visualization, we shaved 10 whole seconds of our previous best time (35.2 seconds) to finish in 3rd place only 0.5 seconds behind the winning team (25.56 seconds).

      To put this in perspective, visualization ALONE shaved 10 seconds off our team’s time. Unbelievable!

      With my team, I used the same visualization as the one on the Relaxation For Manifestation to enhance our performance. Another performance enhancer is my Constant Concentration audio recording, which you get FREE with the Relaxation For Manifestation as a gift.

      You can get the Relaxation For Manifestation here:

      Good question. Thanks.



  • Hanka Koster

    Hi Bruce, this video was spot on. Thanx again!!

    I realized that my spinach is ……. being judged.
    I really dislike socializing because I fear being judged.
    Watching your video and having a lunch in about an hour from now(something that I hate) I honestly asked myself the spinach question: why do I hate lunches (or dinners) so?

    And guess what? This fear of being judged also really cramps the development of my counselingbusiness, something I have been stressing about for some time now.

    So watching your video provided me with a real AHA! insight!

    It is obviously pretty difficult to expand my business while at the same time trying to avoid any “judgement”, by putting myself out there.

    Thanx again Bruce. You add real value.

    With affection, Hanka

  • Dominic

    Hi Bruce

    Great Video, I am also on a transformation at the moment, and I have found it a challenge to get out of my comfort zone, I have started getting up at 5.00am every day, working out then do my relaxation for manefestation for 20 minutes then down to extra work, I am in Barbados at the mmoment in the beautifull sunshine, and yesterday I spotted a whole bunch of people kite surfing, I know that you mentioned this before and I can see the attraction, seems that I may have found a new hobby that I was looking for!!

    Thanks for the great site and all of your info, the relaxation for manefesataion is working great and I cant wait to meet you on the beach!!

  • Mr Bkue Sky

    Thanks Bruce for your insight and verve in sending this stuff out. IT’s ALL GOOD. You are a great mentor……….and free to boot

    We have all probably heard of a RUT. I was reading something years ago on Personal Development, as we do, which broke this down to a Rudimentary Uniform Trap or RUT. Which ties in with your Popeye concept. Getting out of a RUT can take a lot of effort. Invariably our vision is marred at the bottom of the pit so we can only see what is directly above us. Sometime, often, we need to be creative in getting out. Sometime, often, we need an incentive to move. This principal is demonstrated fantastically in and incredible film which I would recommend called Apocalypto. It’s based on the Inca’s in Peru when a woman is put into a pit by her companion for safety as another tribe is ravenging her tribe. She is also pregnant and has a younger child with her and then the rains comes which start filling the pit up. Her companion is taken away by this other tribe and eventually gets away and struggles to get back to her. FANTASTIC……..anyway does she get out, how does she cope with baring her baby and also looking after her younger child? Watch the film. It so illustrates that with the right incentive we can get out of our RUTS and live a tremendous life. Oh there is also a great suturing technique whenher son gets a cut.

    Keep it Rocking Bruce and BE WELL to you all that read Bruce’s stuff.


  • Mike

    Hi Bruce

    I enjoyed your video. I use to be a regular at the gym until a setback in my business put me into a negative mode and I done all the wrong things like stopping gym,resorting to junk food,focussing on all my problems instead of solutions etc. I realise that one has to turn setbacks into comebacks – and if we keep on doing the same things we will keep on getting the same results. To move my mindset from focussing on change to transformation will be my goal. Thank you for your enlightening insights.



  • Linda

    Hi Mark, thanks for the video, very enlightening. I Guess, I will have to figure this one out for me and get started. Transformation here I come.

  • Rajan

    Timely insight in the face of Global recession. I totally agree that we need to transform and not change to weather the storm of this century. As for the six pack…get out of comfort zone and get an eight pack. Regards and great stuff.

  • John

    A timely insight – my ‘spinach’ is a couple of tasks to help build my business I’ve been putting off cos they’re outside of my comfort zone, which I’ve just got to swallow, stop procrastinating and move towards transformation. Thanks Bruce.

  • Lucy

    I hate conflict so I hate making calls that I think will be uncomfortable. I know I need to make them and have started. It is said that a persons success can be measured by the number of uncomfortable calls they are will to make. I need to start making them and have this week. Thanks for the reminder.

  • Matt Brown

    Your success is directly proportional to the amount of “spinach” you can handle!

  • Michelle Cade

    Thank you for exposing that- so so helpful in making the distinction between change and transformation! Like someone else has said, it’s amazing how information can come at exactly the right time. , so much value in what you are saying!
    I would like to get in contact with you – I am working on a very exciting project that I think you would be very interested in.
    Please contact me or let me know how I can contact you directly!
    Thank You

  • Darlene

    Bruce — Your insight and instruction is timely and appropriate. I am building my designer life — not afraid to market, not afraid to reach out. Working on finding that USP that makes folks want my help. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

  • sylvia resnick

    Hey Bruce,
    I happen to be one of those rare people who love spinach and always have. So I have decided to use cod liver oil as my “popeye” motivation. When I was younger and lived in an orphanage we were given a tablespoon of cod liver oil every winter morning. I can still taste it! YUCK!!
    My popeye event is to re invent my once thriving writing career. To that end I am GOING TO take the cod liver oil each day to motivate me to sit at my computer and write the book that I am under contract to complete by summer. I love the subject, just have this awful resistance to working on it. Well, here goes….yuck, that cod liver oil is really revolting, but I am determined to swallow my tablespoon on a regular basis and get my book completed.
    Thanks so much for your inspiration.

  • Gerhard

    Alost strange as some things can come at exactly the right time such as this video, as if I asked a question and got an answer. Many thanks for this Bruce it’s helping a LOT!! So very true and helpful. Regards, your fellow South African

  • josephine

    I love what you said about “transformation”. It encouraged me more to move out of my comfort zone. For so many years I’ve been sharing my home with my family and try fo find my own source of income. It scares me to think to move on my own, but you’re right I have to take all the pressures and just think that someone up there is ready to help me. Just trust. Thanks Bruce, you’re the best!

  • Anton Oosthuizen

    Bruce – you are such a beaut!!! Always inspirational to watch!!!

    You hit the nail on the head… Just what I needed… Looks like it’s cold calling for me…

    Chat soon

  • Joshua Ariscon

    Actually, the feel good thing on your rightful desires or goals comes from your higher self in the form of intuition as first impression. But, after few minutes the ego of our lower self sets in and makes you feel uncomfortable that you may tend to stay at your comfort zone which you are used to. So, knowing these principles you don’t need to struggle or drink the bitter taste just to go on with your goals. It would only make you miserable. Just simply detach from your lower self by staying focused as the mover, but unmoved, knowing the nature of your higher self as joyful co-creator of your own realities and of the universe, etc….!

  • Tara

    Hey Bruce,
    Highly impressed with your newsletters,and blog !!! In fact one of them inspired a talk I gave on Vision a few days ago in Australia..You really are a favourite..
    Your presentation and material are tops and really has the high vibe..and that where I love to LIVE !
    Smiles – Tara

  • Michael

    I like the kind of “spinach” you’re eating at the moment Bruce…protein shake huh?! Are you sure it’s “really” good for you lol?! I’ve tasted this stuff before…not very good at all!!! Vanilla or chocolate? Yuck!!! ;):)

    But then again I get your point…you have to get OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE in order to get those muscles (I’ve got the abs by the way…took a while but it was worth it haha…I’m sure you’ll get them soon)…or anything else that you’re going for!!!

    Thanks again,


  • Deborah Tracy

    great post. Transformation is always a personal challenge. If we are to truly expect change in our life, no matter what area, we will have to get out of our comfort zone and commit to doing something different.
    Thank goodness, I have always loved spinach and green leafy things, so, when I committed to improving my health, I knew that I would have to increase my intake of green foods. The answer to that was adding green smoothies every morning. It is a wonderful way to increase the consumption of dark green leafy vegetables without getting burnt out on salads. And by adding greens (kale, chard, spinach) to a fruit smoothie, you do not even taste the greens., just get to enjoy the beautiful green color!
    I can totally relate to your 2 voices battling it out about the workout. Knowing I wrestle with my somewhat lazy ‘other’ self, I do the Five Tibetan Rites as often as I can. They take maybe 15 minutes and have done tremendous things for my core. Try them, they will definitely help you get those 6 pac abs! and strengthen your back, arms & legs.

  • Gert Coetzee

    Hi Bruse!
    Thanks for this video, you made me realize that i am to confortable, ” i have to get out of it ” I am having a problem with prospecting, i am not prospecting because i have someone that does my prospecting ( my comfortzone )So i set myself a goal, 50 appointments before the end of the week!!!

    Thanks Thanks Thanks!!!!


    Well done Bruce. I too watched Popeye as a kid. Great analogy of how to transform your life. I am starting a new management job in the automobile industry this month. This advice came just in time. I will find my spinich and transform my business life. Thank you so much.

    Larry, Canada.

  • Astrid Brandt

    I also get your news but am unable to ever watch any of your videos.Is there no other way for me to access them through google etc.

  • The Dellage

    You are my greatest inspiration my angel.
    Thank you for being in my life

    Love you

  • Santha Narayanan

    Fantastic….need to find out what is that i have to take (Spinach, cod liver oil )…for my transformation. It is true we need the push…we are all prefer to be in the comfort zone and want to be success… Very good Video…i will try my best to hear to my second inner thought to wake up and move…

  • Marianne Willemse

    Hi Bruce,
    I’m eating spinach & taking cod liver oil EVERY day since I had to rescue 80 animals out of floods 2 years ago. Since one year I’ve put pressure on myself to work 8 hours on internet every day to earn money for the animals, in addition to the 10 hours a day I work with the sanctuary – I’m so over-pressured that it’s impossible for me to stay awake long enough to visualize loads of money coming in. All I see is green fields forever….
    What I need is the other green stuff, you know the flat rectangular stuff…
    If you know anyone who needs an intense experience in their life, tell them to come to the wilds of Thailand.
    Talk about awakening….

  • Adil Amarsi

    Hey Bruce,
    Hope you have been doing very well..

    I found it valuable.
    My “Spinach” is to learn how to market and sell.Going to go out and use my skills to attract people and learn to market myself to them.

    By the way, for the people who want to learn how to attract the person they want, quick. I found an interesting blog. if Bruce is ok with it. It’s

    Hope you don’t mind.

    This is going to be an awesome 2 weeks!

  • Matseleng

    Hi Bruce

    Am in a process tranforming my expenditure patterns by cutting down on ‘wants’ an focussing on ‘needs, as I am building my house .

    Love your newsletters and videos


  • shankar

    Hi Bruce,
    The simili you caught with ‘change’ and ‘transformation’ was too good. Its an eye opener for many.
    Keep up your service to humanity.

    Best wishes


  • Tonny

    Hi Bruce,
    I am following up on a few leads that i have picked up from the Mind Mastery 101 AND the newsletters i frequently receive from you.THE EXERCISE TO FIND OUT WHAT I HAVE TO DO TO GET MYSELF UNCOMFORTABLE IS BRILLIANT!But i have a question for you and i dont know whether this is the best forum-How do you create Hope For The Future? This arises out of Matt’s statement that WHEN THERE IS HOPE FOR THE FUTURE,THERE IS POWER IN THE PRESENT!!!Iam going through a Low period in my life and i need support to rise up again!

  • james


    loving your gem newsletters and videos. lots of love from cape town.


  • Raymond

    Hi Bruce:

    I really appreciate this–and sharing the difference between “change” and “transformation.” And, I like
    the challenge of simply making a list of what I can
    do to get out of my comfort zone in certain areas
    and projects. –Raymond

  • Kanelli

    Hey Bruce,
    Love the Popeye method man. Great to see your kitchen again!Skype soon.
    Kanelli & Vagelis

  • Shena

    Hey Bruce
    Wow yr hot lol !!!
    Love your video and agree with everything within it
    I am currently in the process of starting my own nutritional consultancy business as I have a degree in nutrition.
    Yes business is scary and out of my comfort zone but I’m going to give it a try
    I picked up on a few nutritional points in you video so would like to share a couple of things with you, I hope you will check the information out yourself
    I think you might find coconut oil works better than cod liver oil when burning excess fat
    Coconut oil is a saturated fat solid at room temperature but different from any other. It contains medium chain fatty acids which the body burns very quickly after consumption
    The body cannot store these fats easily therefore they are used at every opportunity, any excesses are stored in the liver similar to carbohydrate storage. Eating coconut oil before you exercise is like putting petrol on a fire during exercise because your body will burn fat quickly increasing your metabolic rate.

    Also protein shakes are a waste of time and money they don’t build muscle any better or more quickly than normal food. We all eat much more protein than we need in a normal diet, you will build just as much muscle eating chicken breasts and eggs as you would swallowing protein shakes. In fact too much excess protein can put extra strain on the liver and kidneys during digestion, so I would ditch the shakes

    Exercise builds muscle not food, the only people who might need extra protein for muscle building are possibly elite athletes with a massive muscle bulk eg olympic weight lifters. The message for the general population is if you need more protein just eat more food its that simple

    Hope you don’t mind me sharing this with you, but when I saw your protein mix I thought oh dear !!! Cod liver oil is good as you say. However consume in moderation because fish always contains a small amount of mercury which might contaminate the oil

    Thanks for your information, I’m currently meditating on the mantra ara kara mantra for manifestation its great I feel empowered by it

    All the best to you

  • tracy

    Thanks for your video. Its very true. Ive recently been forced out of my comfort zone through having major surgery. Had to start finding new ways to earn money as I am unable to continue my usual employment for 6 to 12 weeks! Definitley got me doing things I would otherwise have put off or chosen not to do. Sometimes life takes the choice away! Thanks

  • khensani

    hi bruce, your video is so inspiring my life has changed a lot since i started followin your lessons.thanks.i have learnt how to stay calm even in the most challenging times. im practising and learning how to be completely be in control of my experiences. khensani s.a

  • Sheryl

    Brice is there not another way you could consider doing videos other than You Tube??? just asking as here in Turkey we can open YouTube……i keep getting your teasers and no video….just a thought!

  • Sandra

    Of all the inspirational emails I receive, yours are among the most realistic and useful. I am taking on board the “comfort zone” message and eating my spinach, whilst resisting the temptation to beat myself up constantly when I fail to push the boundaries as far as I think I should. It is a balancing act. Thank you for your wisdom and passion.


  • Catherine

    At the beginning of your video I was wondering about the EAS stuff lurking in the background, and was going to comment that they should sponsor the post, and after watching I think so even more! Great post, I think transformation always means some discomfort, if you are too comfortable you aren’t pushing yourself so nothing will shift. Have a good valentine’s day Bruce.

  • Airen

    Hi bruce,
    Thanks for that great piece of insight, its something i feel i definitely need to start implementing in all areas of my life. Once again thank you and i’ll keep you posted with my transformations!^_^ TheArtist

  • Beryl

    Hi Bruce,
    Thanks for your swallow the spinach routine. I am busy with changing my life around and starting my own business venture. I dont know what my spinach is yet but as soon as I do I will definitely let you know and keep you posted. Thanks for all the stuff you send to my inbox. It really inspires me to keep going. Beryl

    • steve

      Im puzzled why you take the Cod Liver Oil neat ? you can buy it in capsules so you wont even notice the taste if you take capsules.

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