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Ever wished you had an influential mentor on speed dial for those moments when you get overwhelmed and don’t know what to do next?

Well now you can… and it won’t cost a dime.

Download Your Special Report

I’ve written you a special report telling you exactly how I’ve enrolled world class leaders and celebrities to mentor and coach me, without paying them a dime!

It’s called the Five Chimps Special Report and in it, I reveal:

  • How to accelerate your success by upgrading your troop of chimps and feasting on bananas…
  • Why learning to speak chimpanzee is so important to your success… seriously!
  • Three easy ways to assess any coach or mentor before you spend your hard earned bananas taking advice from them…

Download The 5 Chimps Report <<< Click here

Napoleon Hill in his classic book “Think And Grow Rich” discovered that the 500 wealthiest people in the world (at the time) all had trusted advisers or mentors of some kind. Coincidence? I think not…

If you don’t have a mentor or at least a few trusted chimps in your circle of influence, you’re flushing your chances of success down the toilet.

Read the special report now and learn how. You’ll love it.


P.S. Please let me know what you thought of it in the comments below. Thanks 🙂
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    I enjoy looking through a post that can make men and women think.
    Also, many thanks for allowing me to comment!

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  • Povilas

    Thank you Bruce! because now I am siting and thinking. It is really exciting, one more time thank you.

  • Clayton


    Very well written and presented! As always, I am impressed with your insight and positive outlook on the rich opportunities in life. I am on my own journey of personal betterment and striving to be the absolute best version of myself that I can. Honestly, I can’t get enough of this type of positive information. I plan to re-read it to make sure that everything sinks in. I have already begun assembling my “list of chimps”.

    You mentor “Sir Richard” is one of my personal business and life heroes. I love his attitude that nothing in this world (or out of it – Space) is unobtainable. I also am very humbled and impressed that he strives to be a genuine down-to-earth person in-spite of his great success. I haven’t met him but I hope to one of these days.

    I plan to read some of your other works. I will consider a way to reciprocate other than a scarf (I don’t really knit).

    Kuddos to you – Keep up the inspirational work!


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  • Carol Reiley

    Uber-cool & hugely on target!!!
    Thanks much. Love your graphics.
    Delightful & insightful.

    Yes, I’m a poet.

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  • Kate

    G’day Bruce, I’ve been following you around the globe, virtually, for a couple of years, and it is great to see that you have got your sense of humour and brightness back! I like the way you bring information to life with your clear language and even clearer insights. I am excited about embarking on my research for some new chimps, as I have a huge goal to become a Registered Training Organisation (that’s Australian for Adult School)I really appreciate having online access to your fabulous free resources. Thank you. Have a great day in the sun and surf. Kate

  • Muthoni Muriithi

    Hey Bruce,

    Trust your well. The information that you have shared and always share is amazing in the scenes of practicability. Thank you for taking time in sharing your knowledge, i had decided to start looking for a mentor in my are of profession n had no idea on where to start and of course….the LOA brought it to me.
    You work is transforming lives globally and all i can say is ASANTE SANA (means thank you very much in Swahili).

    Muthoni Muriithi

  • Carol

    Thanks Bruce,
    I read your report and realized I’d been going abpout attempting to use my prosthesis in the wrong way. Then I realized I’d recently met a couple of men I’d like to learn from (not successful in the extreme but then I’m not quite ready for that anyway). I will say your booklet gave me a lot of ideas for getting my act together in several direction and so I thank you for your generous gift.
    May your JOY always be as close as your own smile, Carol

  • kannan viswagandhi

    Hi Bruce,

    I read the report and it contains some incredible information.
    I wrote a blog post at:

    Thanks for sharing.

    Kannan Viswagandhi

  • Dan

    Hi Bruce,

    I really appreciate your report. I’ve been on a path of discovery for about 3 years now, and had added you to my growing list of mentors quite a few months ago. I think what you offer speaks with integrity as much as anything else out there.
    I recognized quite a while ago that my circle of chimps was quite toxic, and therefore began seeking others.
    I would like to add your report to our resource section on our website that is a hub for personal development products and services (we promote your Designer Life program too) as I think it offers a fresh perspective on the idea that we’re all a product of the 5 people we spend the most time with. Unfortunately, even though I’m well aware of that, I haven’t been doing enough to change that circle to move me to a higher level. While I regularly read, and attend seminars from the people on my 20 chimps list, until now I haven’t reached out to see how I can serve them better. I’ll definitely be taking some action towards that starting today. You’re on my list of 10, so please let me know what I can do to better serve you, and support the great work you’re doing.
    Have a great day,

  • Diana

    Hi Bruce,
    I want to thank you for freely sharing your knowledge with us. I’m still trying to figure out my position in this world and how I will be able to contribute to it while becoming successful. I’m currently raising my 2 yr. old son and wife to my husband who has many wonderful ideas but is stuck in the U.S. Military. So, as it appears, we are stuck! Unable to move beyond where we are and yearn to be! I will take your advice and restructure my “circle of monkeys” as the time comes. Thank you again 🙂 P.S. I am a facebook friend

    • Bruce Muzik


      You’re only stuck if you say you are.

      Your husband could quit the military tomorrow and find another job and move countries with you and your son if you REALLY wanted to.

      The word to focus on here is REALLY. If you have enough desire, you can do whatever the hell you want. Nothing is stopping you except you.

      So, you’re no longer stuck! That will be $500 please 😉 – Just kidding (about the $500)


  • Mark Bruins

    Nice one 🙂

  • Timothy

    Hello Bruce,

    Certainly, your stuff has great values to add in ordinary people’s life like me. I enjoy reading your ebook and learn from your experiences.

    I’ve asked myself this challenging question and still do no have a satisfying answer: what is the difference between a SLAVE relationship and a FAIR relationship? I mean people would do anything, including bending their knees, to get connected with ‘influential chimps’ to fetch some benefits out of it, even though they do not like these chimps.


    • Bruce Muzik


      No such thing as a slave relationship and a fair relationship. Those are just words and interpretations. You’re only a slave if you perceive yourself as one.

      But I know what you’re talking about… and my answer remains the same: A FAIR relationship is a relationship that you think is FAIR. It’s all relative.

      In reality, all relationships are ‘fair’ because both parties always get benefits out of any relationship – even if both parties don’t always see the benefits. That’s why I keep referring to the fact that it’s all about perception.

      I’d challenge you to re-look at your belief that people will do anything to get connected to influential chimps. Most people do NOTHING and that’s why they aren’t connected to influential chimps. Are you talking about what you’d do?

      Food for thought…


  • Michelle


    Really Great reading!!! The presentation was great, the information was great and it was easy to read. This little e-book has great value, but only if you apply it. Thanks for sharing!!! Will pass onto my friends.


  • Nazeem

    Thanks, it definitely opened me up and that i have been surrounding myself with chimps that’s holding me back.

  • Karrie

    Yes.. We recently acknowledged our ‘stuckness’ and saw what our world experience was reflecting about where we’re at… so, thanks to your report we have now we’ve started compiling our list… it is very exciting… very inspiring… and we’ve a lot to do yet… but we nearly know who to contact next. Thanks as ever

  • Steve

    Be careful … chimps don’t eat just bananas, they sometimes eat monkeys!

    Great report, and it would be good for everyone to include themselves … to get to know themselves and treat themselves as well as they do their chimps.

  • Julie

    Its a brilliant report Bruce as ever. It always takes me ages to write anything like this. So I’ve been leaving it till I have more time!! There’s lots more I’d like to say to you. But for now, just thought I’d let you know how greatfull I am for your insights and advice. Your emails are always welcome to me. Thank You.

    • Bruce Muzik

      Thanks Julie,

      Yeah, this took me 2 weeks to write – and even then it was a last minute rush to get it completed in time.

      What actually got me to write it was having a reason to write it – in this case, the launch of Virtual Online Coaching.

      Create a compelling reason to write your report and you’ll do it.

      Send it to me when it’s done (there’s a reason!).


  • Kathleen Tuite

    Hi Bruce,

    I love your work its so exciting, so positiveand alive.
    I love opening my inbox, its almost infectious, well it is.
    My work is in psychotherapst,(Counselling) where I promote positivity
    when possible.
    Take care and Thank you

  • Reuben Dzvengwe

    It is a well-researched item and a plus to my library. This is what has been missing in my life. Keep it up.

    Thank you.

  • Edward

    I have periodically watched and read your information and materials over the last couple of years. You have come a long way since the early years of T. Harv, your information has been influential and impressive. Keep up the great work in changing lives.

    Edward H. Cooke

  • Merrin

    Hi Bruce – I really appreciated the upbeat tone of your report and the way you let your personality shine through.

    No great “aha” moments as yet but something stirred when I read SUCCESS = CHANGE = THE UNKNOWN = POTENTIAL THREAT. There’s something there for me to learn and understand. I’ll be reading the report again tomorrow, and again after that, until I catch what it is that’s lurking in the shadows of my mind. At the moment my chimp brain is just being resistant.

    One part I found myself disagreeing with was where you said low-esteem generally goes hand-in-hand with low integrity. I can understand your reasoning to a degree but it felt like a bit of a slap to the psyche. I certainly have low self-esteem issues but my integrity is right up there with the best of them. Not bragging, just letting you know there are always exceptions to the general rule. But you’d already know that. 🙂

    Anyway, thanks for the opportunity to read this report. It’s different, it’s fresh, and it will be in my “useful” collection. There are a few people I know who would probably be able to benefit from it, so I’ll be brave and “bite the bullet”, and suggest they have a read.


    • Bruce Muzik


      You spot it, you got it…

      The reason the integrity thing struck a nerve is becasue there’s a measure of truth in it for you. Look deeper and see what you discover. Where are you out of integrity with yourself and with others?


      • Merrin

        Thanks for the reply Bruce. I recognise the meaning of the phrase “you spot it, you got it” from reading “Lies We Live By” years ago. And yes, there is a measure of truth in it as applying to me, as I have Dissociative Identity Disorder, which in itself is the very opposite of consistency and constancy, (terms often associated with integrity) BUT I guess it’s my definition of the meaning of integrity that caused me to disagree with your opinion that low self esteem generally goes hand in hand with low integrity. My definition of integrity is that a person is honest in their dealings with others, doesn’t seek to hurt others in any way, won’t sell their soul to the devil for some kind of personal gain, will admit when they have made a mistake, searches their inner workings to uncover their weaknesses or faults, doesn’t blame others for their own mistakes, won’t ask or expect another to do what they themselves aren’t already doing or aren’t prepared to do….to name just a few. I’m just about always checking and analysing myself, noticing my faults, and trying to eradicate or correct them. And I’m open to hearing the observations of others and seeing if they could be right. So, although I’m already doing what you advised me to do, looking deeper, I will take what you suggested on board and see if there’s some further truth in it for me than I’m already aware of, because I know my life and circumstances will only change if I change myself. I hope I never forget that. Sometimes it’s not easy to see or acknowledge my failings, but my commitment to my personal growth and mental health compels me to keep at it.

        • Karrie

          Integrity is something I’ve long thought about… I guess I always understood it to be about the ‘quality of being complete; unbroken condition; entirety’ (Webster Dictionary) – and that way of being seemed quite fleeting for me. Later I thought of Integrity as ‘a state of being in harmony with myself’ so that everything I think, feel, say and do works together. When it happens I know I am walking my talk. So by those definitions I can see that having self-esteem links to having integrity. I’m still thinking about whether the opposite of that holds true… (got a sense that it does in my world).
          Maybe, as you said, the point is in how we define integrity… I like what you said Merrin about it being about honesty in our dealings with others; not intending to hurt or blame others; and being self-reflective. I think a lot of folk (including me), do a rewind-looking-for-the-mistakes thing. And that can feel jarring or discordant. I’m thinking that integrity might be more about a searching for what we did well, where we felt on track, in harmony, confident, wise, joyful, comfortable, glad, well. It is an interesting subject… and I’ve enjoyed thinking about it… thanks for the opportunity.

  • Liza

    Hi glowing Bruce:-)
    Good stuff……………….you need an assistant by any chance?

  • Chris

    Bruce – the report is awesome. It not only gives the theoretical concepts but also solid “how to” advice. It will probably help me a lot to finally get financially free. While reading this report I had so many aha moments which will probably turn into win/win connections soon. Although for me it’s difficult to find something of value which I can use to connect with influential chimps.

  • Matthew

    Hi Bruce
    I have come to realise from this that I may have aligned myself with the wrong people for success. I have asked who and of course many came running. I am the chump chimp as it seems I may have selected another monkey like myself.
    Gotta find the right people in life to give more too (more like you) so that I may get more out of my life.

    • Bruce Muzik

      Absolutely Matthew. Nice insight. Now, you just gotta go do it!


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