Bruce Muzik’s TEDx Talk

One MILLION sounded like a lot. I was staring at the page in front of me wondering how the hell I was ever going to reach 1 million. I’m sure you’ve been there too, right? Staring at a BIG goal with absolutely no idea how you’ll ever reach it?

I admit I felt like a bit of a fraud writing “I promise to touch 1 million people’s lives.”

That was 13 years ago. As of today, (April 9, 2015), 1 million people have watched my TEDx on YouTube.

I’m a little stunned. I have visualized this moment many times over the past 13 years. The visualization tool I created to help me keep my mind positive helped a lot over the years. But what most helped me achieve this landmark in my life is you.

I owe you a big THANK YOU.

THANK YOU… for reading my newsletters over the years. THANK YOU… for sending me encouraging emails that kept me going when I was feeling low. THANK YOU… for supporting me in the countless ways you have.

Without your support, your encouragement, your trust, your inspiring stories, I’d never have touched 1 million people’s lives.

If you haven’t yet seen my TEDx talk yet, I want to invite you to click the video above and watch it.

I love you.


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  • Joh

    I work with Jon at Authentic Talent Mgt- Contact us!!

  • Jenni

    I am a white South African and also did the landmark forum about 8 years ago, I loved the breakthroughs I had in my relationship,I also fell madly in love with my partner who I had been with for 14 years, of which 9 years we have been divorced already, but still stayed together, it was like “one foot in and one foot out”. Now we are still not married, but most people now say that we are more “in love” or more married than most married people are. Anyway, i am going back to do the advanced course this coming weekend in Mowbray, Cape Town because we are arguing again. Mostly what we argue about is “his family” – i don’t know how to accept them and be with them so i make up stories to not go to their social gatherings, etc. which have become so flipping regular its almost every weekend. I dislike all of them and 1 of the examples of what they do that drives me nuts is that they are complete racists. They will scream the K word about 20 times on an average evening. I have three children between the ages of 4 and 13 who have to witness this and hear this, and most kids today are not racist (anymore), well mine certainly aren’t, and they are completely confused about it. If i speak to “the family” about it it becomes a divider between us and they all take me on together. my partner then sees me as a trouble maker (which i can be trust me). I get that were i have gone with this problem over the past year is actually to become EXACTLY LIKE THEM, i just hate a portion of my OWN RACE right now – part of my family. I actually have started to hate them, and for me right now, it feels like an automatic thing that i think i have no control over. I do actually know better than that though and am going to sort it out next week end with the right coaching and then go sort them out with love. I get that i have to accept them and love them before i can make a difference with them, right now i am completely powerless with them. It brings tears to my eyes right now, just knowing that this is the kind of power i can go and get from an organisation, and what a difference that will make in the world and i know its going to take something of me that i don’t know how to access right now. If leaders of countries could teach love and forgiveness and then support people in changing, rather than “they are wrong and I will kill them off” then we would have more Ghandi’s leading our countries and certainly more peace on this earth. With love (which i am starting to feel already just be being in the conversation, so thank you for the opportunity) ….

    • Eric

      You are right on, Jenni; all you can do is love them for now. Thank you for your commitment to compassion for all people. Also, keep being the possibility of love and forgiveness. Werner Erhard, who invented Landmark’s technology, taught me this:

      “Do the right things, and the right things will happen.
      Do the wrong things, and the wrong things will happen.
      Do the right things and sometimes the wrong things happen anyway.
      Just keep dong the right things, and the right things will happen.”

      Eric (USA)

      • Jenni

        thanx 😉

  • Susan Yockey

    Hi Bruce, I want to share what came up for me at my Landmark Forum last April. I went for Self esteem & self confidence and what I left with was my relationship with my honey Buck. What I was not being honest about with him was costing me my health, happiness and living an extraordinary life! Yes it is true it takes work if you are willing and I have always been willing. Buck & I have been together lil over 15yrs now. B4 Landmark we were not married. We were actually on the verge of separation. On that Saturday it hit me like a bombshell I was with holding the truth from him I had two very big secrets. 1. I had an abortion with our first child in the beginning of our relationship (his child) 2. I cheated on him 9yrs ago with a one night stand. That Friday night before this I had created the possibility of having Trust, strong communication and a juicy relationship with him. Well as you have probably figured out I called and told him the truth. I have never done anything so hard in my life. I was prepared for the worse but deep down I knew I had to come clean. He was EXTREMELY angry, He hated me, he wanted to commit suicide, he wanted to kill me and that no name man, he hated me. Before I confessed I stepped back & put myself in his shoes and knew exactly how he would respond. I deserved everything that came out of his mouth and you know what as painful as it was I took every blow he had to give me. I owned what I had done and got completely present to his anger & sadness. By that Monday he asked me to marry him, we talked and talked and talked. That was the first time we had ever communicated so deeply. Today we are crazy in love, yes we have arguments but they are short and sweet and we communicate through it, And oh yeah its REAL JUICY! Thank you Landmark for giving me my life back not just with my relationship but literally my life! Because of what we got from Landmark we created a group called Transform Montana it is made up of graduates who are committed to having this education in our state. And staying in the conversation. We are raising money to send 5 of us to complete the Advance course, Seattle is having a leader come to lead the ILP for 10 or more of us. We hold monthly introductions (of course when we complete the ILP there will be a whole lot more) we have socials, we have weekly meetings! we love this and your video is truly inspirational thank you sharing!

    • Bruce Muzik

      Wow Susan. What an inspiring story. I can relate.

      Thank you for sharing and well done!

  • Ann Wagner

    What an awesome talk, so moving. God bless South Africa it sure needs it after all it’s been through and is going through. Making the words “heal the world make it a better place” come to fruition!

  • Bruce Muzik


    My intention in posting this video is to encourage a conversation about the secrets you (yes, you… the person reading this) are hiding at this very moment… and how hiding them is costing you your ALIVENESS and hence your LIFE.

    Are you bold enough to reveal yourself here? I challenge you.


  • zevi

    this is delicious and worth living for.
    i love you

  • Maria

    Great video – wonderful reminder!

  • susan bradley

    I too wouldn’t be living my dream life unless…I had taken Landmark Education. In fact, I met the love of my life in a ten session seminar. So wonderful to be in a relationship with someone who is “conscious” more of the time instead of checked out using automatic reactions. I love hanging with other people who choose to make life amazing using what they learn. I wouldn’t have written one book much less three if I hadn’t stood up and made a promise in front of my seminar friends that I would. Every so often they would say: How’s that book coming along. Then after taking the SIX DAY, my book came out 6 mos later. How to be Irresistible to the Opposite Sex. Then came: Irresistible Prescriptions for Love, Then “How to Flirt and Not Look Like You are in Heat!” Is any organization perfect? No, but the benefits far out weigh and of the negatives as far as I am concerned. Live Outrageously EVERYONE..yes even in THIS ECONOMY.

    • Robert Rodriguez

      This makes me very upset: “I too wouldn’t be living my dream life unless…I had taken Landmark Education.” I’m very ______ upset by this. I personally do not like Landmark Education.

      Allright, allright: I’m a “hater.” I just hate Landmark Education, ’cause I’m jealous— I’m envious this person Susan who is living her dreams, and I’m not!

      • Eric

        Thank you for your honesty, Robert. You need not envy much longer. The Landmark Forum is not for ‘special’ people only, but for people who want to attain the next level of their life – quickly. And it works for everyone – everyone.

        I was a successful schoolteacher, and later a successful business magazine editor – and a marital failure – before I got into this work. Since then, I’ve publishable 3 books on Forgiveness, released 3 albums of my original songs, had 2 short stories published, written an award-winning screenplay, and healed my relationships with my parents, sister, ex-wife, and everyone else. I’m also 90% out of debt.

        Oh yeah, I, too, am in the marriage of my dreams (my 3rd and last), and I, too, say none of this would have happened without the empowerment and the awareness of my mind and life that I acquired in Landmark Education

        It’s also the least expensive of the growth and development trainings available in the U.S. today..

  • Jenni Beck

    i was totally touched, moved and inspired… awesome job of sharing yourself…..Now, that is watching landmark education in action…. loved your honesty, clarity and vulnerability….I want to be like you….!!!! thanks Jen

  • vanda

    Thank you for your courage. You are a light to the world.

  • Moshe Rabinowitz

    A Sonnet

    Somebody once implied that art was dead
    that everything that he/she did was art
    and calling something special is the gift
    that gives the thing thus chosen its regard.

    I say implied because the truth in fact
    was he was talking on some other tract
    and never mentioned art or any bit of it.
    Twas human nature he termed illegitimate.

    With vehemence beseeched of all he met
    to breach the moat of safety they had set
    and step off into unknown fear, unseeing,
    and share with him the joy of humans being.

    He hasn’t had a lot of “hey, let’s go!
    Most people think he’s crazy and say no.

  • Joanne

    Thanks for the reminder Bruce!
    I’ve been trying to’fit in’back in the UK – the only time I feel truly alive is on stage doing my comedy show about sex.

    I’m approaching World Peace from the stand point of ‘if everyone was having great sex and had full self-expression sexually, the world would be a better place.’ So I’m sure you can imagine the looks I get when I explain that my show ‘Dick & Gina’ is basically ‘What every man wants women to know about sex and vice versa’

    I’m determined to take this show around the world to encourage more honesty and communication between partners and to start a Global game of Sexual Pay It Forward – ie. let’s put people back in the dating pool in a better condition than when we found them.

    I really needed a reminder right now to stay positive in the occasional face of no agreement. Thank you. x

    • Bruce Muzik

      What a unique perspective Joanne! Love it… Where can we all check out your show?

      • Joanne

        I’m performing at Edinburgh Fringe from Aug 4-28 at Just The Tonic @ The Store, 11pm every night.

        My aim is to find a producer/promoter and take it on tour around the UK – then The World baby!!

        Anybody want to take on a project like this?

        • Jon

          Please send us info – I own a major talent and literary management company. That’s right, Authentic.

      • Lady Genevieve

        Hi Bruce. Thank you for sharing yourself. You touched, moved, and inspired me to share a colleagues website with you. We are participants of the Team Management and Leadership Program with Landmark Education. My colleague Dr. Amanda Kemp created a non-profit organization called Theater for Transformation. The plays actually have people transform their relationship to racism, slavery and complete the past. Enjoy!

        Lady Genevieve

    • Brad Morrison

      Yes! I love this!! I’m with Bruce, where can we see you perform?

      I can’t remember the last time I heard about something that I wanted to tell everyone about!

    • Gemma

      Hi Joanne,

      I’m really interested in your show and the philosophy behind it – please can you give me more details. Do you have any clips on YouTube? or a website? Please do get in touch.


      • Bruce Muzik

        Hi Gemma,

        This blog is my website… There are loads of videos. Just click the BLOG > All Videos link on the navigation bar above…


    • Jenni

      I love what you are up to…. go girl 😉

    • Eric

      Hey, Joanne,
      Good luck with your gid.

      Taking Landmark’s Introduction Leader Program last year I learned that the “no-agreement,” in whose face we aim to stay positive (and powerful) is not OUT THERE. It’s in our mind, in the form of a fundamental negative story about ourself or others. Mine is “I don’t belong,” although I’m a very friendly guy. Seeing it that way, it has begun majorly losing its grip on me.

      So, my reminder on how to “to stay positive in the occasional face of no agreement” is to identify it in your mind, and negate it .

    • Panda

      “put people back in the dating pool in a better condition than when we found them”

      Truly an Idea Worth Spreading! Nice one, I wish you the best 😀

      If I could go to your country or if you’d visit the Philippines I’d make sure to watch your show.
      Keep on going, there are people who want you to succeed 😀

  • Brian

    Great blog/video/topic, etc. I’m a Campbell fan but that was a new quote for me. Your share was great and the anecdote valuable to me. Thanks, very generous.

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