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In this video, I interview Bryan Franklin, the “$10m Coach…”

Bryan shares some powerful insights and distinctions he’s learned from coaching executives from Apple, Google, Linked In and more….

The $10m Coach


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  • Cal

    Fantastic interview – and this is a great distinction about what wealth truly is. Wealth is infinite. I now understand that wealth isn’t even money by any means, not even in large or seemingly endless quantities because there is a finite supply of it. Wealth/Abundance is the creation/existence of something that keeps you in the flow of whatever you need, whether it’s money, ideas, resources, etc. This brings full circle for me, the reason people can be billionaires, lose it all and rebuild it quickly – they’ve created true wealth. I think of wealth now as a kind of system of delivery… like an energetic flow that carries whatever is needed to the person.

    I always felt like I was hitting a wall when my coaches would have me create a fixed number for my income goal for the month. I would reach that goal and then regardless of whether it was $600 or $6,000 it would all disappear to bills. My bills always increased proportionately to my income. I never got what it meant to create wealth.

    This video helped me really get that Abundance is infinite, and now I’m paying attention to how I visualize abundance and I’m choosing not to put a dollar figure/number on abundance. I already feel more freedom!

    • Bruce Muzik

      That’s great Cal… I also find fixed numbers limiting…

  • Leo

    Where is the info about Bryan’s offer? You mentioned “below the video”.

    Thanks guys! Great interview.

  • Russell Pereira

    Guys, That was a great interview!

    Bruce, as always… your enthusiasm brings out the best in people and any situation.

    Bryan, thanks for the powerful pearls of wisdom… very succinct and easy to understand. In particular, the re-frame on what is “abundance” and your explanation of “toxic cycles” are two gems that can be immediately applied to elevate one’s level of awareness.

    Thanks again guys.

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