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Life’s too short to be held back by limiting beliefs and irrational fears.

Have you ever not done something you really wanted to do because you were too darn scared?… and then hated yourself for chickening out?

I have.

This weekend, I conquered a childhood fear and fulfilled a lifelong dream at the same time… and then I created a 3 minute video to inspire you to conquer yours.

Conquering A Childhood Fear


P.S. In this quick video I reveal a very out of fashion clothing accessory. Wear it at your own risk…

P.P.S. Please leave a comment below and let me know what fear you’re going to conquer this week and how you’re going to do it…

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  • my life dream

    Glad you were able to conquer your fear and fulfilled your life dream. Indeed, life is too short to be held back by limitations we impose on ourselves.

  • Val

    It saddens me to think how often I let fear dictate my life decisions. I would have chosen an entirely different life path if I wasn’t afraid to when I was younger. A big hurray to you and all of us who are now celebrating overcoming those fears and stepping out to live life to the fullest.

  • maribel

    I believe that fear stands for false
    which then in reality fear should not exist. Thanks Bruce you inspire me everyday with your infinite wisdom.

  • Antoinette Royal

    Hello Bruce,
    My childhood fear, stems from my very loving grandmother, (who’s no longer alive), telling me twenty years ago that I couldn’t “be”, it’s usually anything that I said I loved or liked.when I was in my twenties, I decided to become a teacher, because that was where I found my passion. She told me that “I couldn’t be a teacher, and that I did not know how to teach anyone, anything”. I am sort of teaching, now, (tutoring youngsters in grades eight/nine). youths love the positive energy that I bring, but I have a fear of taking it to the level that I so wanted;to earn a degree in Teacher Education; I have only to take the course, but I keep clamming up, when contacted by the college, I have this fear, coming back to haunt me, not that I think I am going to fail, but because of what my grandma said. It is rather a set back for me as I see it. How could you help me with this?

  • Deborah

    I hope this is cool, Bruce. Saw the comment from ‘Bruno’. Wanted to tell him some of the most difficult decisions are which bridges to cross, and which to burn. Bravo on staying focused and determined in your effort to live for yourself by your own efforts. Stay with it! You WILL succeed.


    Stay plugged in to positive messages like Bruce’s. And, I looked at your website and it’s terrific. I may have a suggestion for you if you’d like. Send me a message on Facebook at Deborah Parton. (look for the palm tree photo)

  • steph

    i wrote i cookbook last night! and sent it out to my list

  • Rob

    Thanks Bruce, I am an out of work web designer and I have great fears about an opportunity to do some video and animation presentations for a Civil Engineering firm. I coincidence I have been teaching myself video editing, but I have so many fears as to what to charge and how long it will take me, almost like I am firing myself before I start. This is all fear based, so this video was a perfect message for me today, as I have a teleconference at 7:00 pm tonight.
    Thanks, I am going to do it!

  • Maureen

    I told myself that being married made you miserable. I was married for the first time aged 50 and I’ve been miserable ever since.

    I’d welcome the solution, if you think you can show me!

  • ikram

    very special always
    l liked the papay carton work and the way u linked the two stuff, now u came with the child race
    u are special

  • willie

    love the video, u are allway,s an inspiration.

  • Jean

    I always thought i could only be as successful as my older siblings…….held me back for AGES…..I broke through ;-)))))

  • Reply

    My fear is about money. I am an internet marketer with a part time job. I am afraid that I will not make enough money online and I will have to work full time on a day job I don’t like!

    How am I gonna conquer my fear? I recently had a full time job offered to me and I turned it down to focus on my work online!

  • Carmen

    Well done Bruce.
    I’ll be conquering one of my fears this evening so watching the video has inspired me to go on and be confident! Have a presentation to do for the first time and have always been fearful of public speaking in the past so never did it! Here goes to tonight!!!!

  • Mastering Investments

    I have the story in my head that if I ever get a large amount of money (e.g. big bonus or something), that will be the last and I should be careful in spending it, to the point of not really spending it, not even investing it because of fear that it will be the last large amount I will ever receive in my entire life. As it happens, I lose it anyway. Had to shift my thinking from there.

  • Buck

    Way to go Bruce! Great job! Keep up the fun!


  • Steve Simonsen

    My fear is that ANYTHING is possible, so there just isn’t enough time to do it all! But I’m trying. Thanks


  • Susan Manion MacDonald

    Loved the video. My fear is putting together a video for the web that I will be charging for on Muscle Response Testing. I know the subject, and have done it in workshops and charged yet, putting on the web and charging for it is a fear. Not good enough is the proponent that pops up. Thanks for your inspiration this morning – in life we receive everything we need as we need it, that I believe

  • claudine

    awesome stuff bruce!
    so true that the limiting stories and beliefs hold us back from being who we are. well done to you and I love your latest work, very inspiring and great to see you growing more and more and offering so much value, as a living example, that is the ultimate way. well done.

    i have conquered many fears the last few years, mostly about money! so im in a space of allowing a whole lot more and excited to be launching my business this year. since i met you a few years back in durbs, i have been diligently working within myself to reprogram and ferret out all the non-sense. so here i am enjoying my journey and doing things i have always wanted to do..

    last year i did my first horse back endurance race that i was previously really scared about doing. i thought i was in no way fit enough to cope. i did really well, my legs could have gone on for whole lot longer, but the heat of the sun knocked me more! funny that when we face our fears they can seem so small.

    thanks aagin for all your inspiration.

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