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In this video I teach you about an aspect of producing results in life that is very rarely discussed in self-help/success materials.


Apply this idea liberally in your life and you’ll be able to achieve virtually anything you like. Bold claim? Sure.

Once you’ve watched the video, be sure to complete the exercise below it, as the exercise will bring this important concept out of the realm of theory and make it practically applicable in your life.

What You Measure You Get More Of

“Feedback is the breakfast of champions” – Kenneth Blanchard

How To Measure Your Way To Success

It’s useful to think of the entire process of achieving any goal as a system.

Most systems have an input and an output and a way of measuring the result (success or failure).

Lets pretend our goal is boiling a kettle to make a cup of tea. Your kettle is the system.

The input is one cup of cold water and the output is one cup of hot water.

The way we measure a successful result is seeing that the water in the kettle is boiling (success).


Now, use the following steps to help you figure out what to measure to achieve your goal.

Step #1 – Write down  your goal

Step #2 – Know Your Measurements

What do you need to measure that will determine whether or not you have achieved your goal? e.g. the measurement for success in boiling a kettle is that the water is boiling.

Step #3 – Determine INPUT and OUTPUT

What is the INPUT and OUTPUT of your system and how do you measure them? e.g. with the kettle, the INPUT metric is the amount of water and is measured in cups. The OUTPUT metric is TEMPERATURE of the water and is measured in degrees centigrade.

Step #4 – Schedule The Action steps

Write down the action steps are you committing to take to measure the INPUT, OUTPUT, and RESULT of your goal on a regular basis? When are you going to take each action step. Schedule yoiur actions steps in your calendar.


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  • Nick East

    Hi Bruce i met you in London a couple of years ago at a “web Wednesdays” networking night.
    You were inspiring then ,but now you are really on the money !
    You told me what you were going to do then and now you are doing it “Big style” Thanks for all the videos and free advise. I am recommending you to all my people.


    Your lesson was helpfull,thank you very much.I’m surely gonna practice what you teach.

  • Jeff

    Hey Bruce!
    I have recently gotten dark circles and itchy red eyes and I have no idea what the causes are for them. I’ve done a lot of research on dark cirlces and have been eating really healthy for over 2 years now. Also, I do everything they say to do if you have dark circles; get sleep, decrease salt, drink tons of water, exercise, moisturize, decrease dairy products, and other things. Ive even bought some expensive creams that don’t seem to work. I’ve been trying for months now and it’s so crazy how my eyes went from absolutely no dark circles, to really bad ones in only 7 months. The only change I had was being in first year residence instead of living at home. Maybe it’s the dust here? I have no idea.

    So, I’m wondering what the inputs, outputs, and overall results would be for my situtation?
    Also, if I should manifest by visualizing my healthy eyes that I used to have before? And create that image, maybe that will help?

    Please help!!



  • Anette Van Heerden

    Thank you for all your information and good advice I get from you on gmail. I enjoy your videos and have asked to be your friend on facebook. So far everything for free, but in due time I will order something from you and pay for it. You are the best!

  • sylvia resnick

    How about addressing issues of the “older” generation who want to continue a healthy in mind bodyand spirit life so
    our latter years are joy filled even though we may have slowed down physically and have health issues. The world is not comprised of only 30 to 55 year olds.

  • kamal

    I hear that production(ie..input)that is measured duobles and production that is measured and reported(ie..output)multiply…My undrestantanding has been inhanced.
    THANX BRUCE see you inCPT

  • Arabella Lewis

    Hi Bruce thank you for the exercise which I found very helpful in clarifying and quantifying my goal , breaking it down into steps and setting dates in the near future to make things start happening immediately
    Hope you are enjoying SA

  • min

    I love all your video’s. You are so wonderful. You are motivating me to lose weight.

    Thank you so much for everthing you are sharing with us.


  • Lana

    Great video Bruce. What you focus on that is what you attract more of into your life. When you measure your inputs, outputs and results, you are focusing on your goals and on moving toward them, you are focusing on the thought that you are getting closer and closer to your desired outcome and as a result your desired outcome manifests quickly and easily.
    That is exactly what I do and recommend all of my friends to do.

  • Jim

    Hi Bruce,

    Thanks for the great points — In regards to losing fat and gaining muscle — what foods should one eat? What percentages of protein/carbs/fat? How did you know you were overeating? How do I specifically go about determining what foods I should eat and how much of them and how often and the best percentages of protein/carbs/fat to lose fat and gain muscle?

  • Maria

    Great video Bruce, I am truly inspired. These steps are the missing link to acheiving ones goals. I have worked through the worksheet and the Action steps and the timeframe are my biggest challenge. I feel the same way as Jessica, as in I do not dare to set a fixed date for the action steps in case I do not succeed. I am a busy working mother of two would like to set up and run her own business. Any tips on setting workable action steps?
    P.S please let us know the venues for the seminars in South Africa a.s.a.p. I am really looking forward to meeting you in SA

  • Roberta

    Thanks Bruce, I really enjoyed this video and the valuable lesson. We all get so busy with the daily grind and forget how little effort it really does take to focus and take just 15 minutes to be successful.

  • Cynthia

    I tried your exercise but there’s something more I think that I need. I want to move and work in Dubai. So my input is the amount of cv’s that I am sending out and the output are the amount of calls/offers that I am getting. The result is I haven’t gotten anything. I’m not sure what I’m suppose to do in order to change that. I’ve been told that I should go directly there to find a job but that’s a pretty big trip that i have to plan out if I do and what if I don’t get a job, then what? What is it that I need to change or do in order to succeed?
    Looking forward to your response and enjoy the sun!!

  • Rosalind Bubb

    Thanks Bruce, that’s brilliant. When I measured how many times I danced, swam and went to the gym a week, I was the fittest I’ve ever been – it’s going back into my diary now. And I’m adding playing music, too. And I’m going to create new measures for my business.
    Thank you very much!
    Have great fun in Africa,

  • Jessica

    Hi Bruce,
    I wonder if you can help me find out what it is within me that makes me never want to set a date when I shall have successeded. Like in your worksheet with input and output. There is an actionplan and when I saw that a feelt like don´t dare to set a date, what if I don´t make it?. What beliefs within me to I have to let go to not feel like this?
    Thank so much for everything you give us.
    Lots of love and sunshine for you!

  • shelley

    Thanks for another inspiring video Bruce. I always look forward to your newsletters, and look forward to meeting you in JHB, and taking a break from the London winter!

  • Bruce Muzik


    Measure the number of people you ask out on a date (INPUT).

    Then measure the number of people who say yes (OUTPUT).

    The RESULT you measure is your success rate (i.e. the number of dates you go on OR your ‘success ratio’ (OUTPUT / INPUT x100).

    Hope this helps…


  • tahir shah

    Dear Bruce,

    Regarding how to meausure Dating: did u mean meating ladies thru a dating-website or physically ? I’ve met lots of peopel via dating-websites but they have mainly been scams. Physically singles-clubs have awful people there. How can i measure the nbrs if i can’t meet ?

    Thanks. Pls help.


  • tahir shah

    Dear Bruce,

    Regarding how to meausure Dating: did u mean meating ladies thru a dating-website or physically ? I’ve met lots of peopel via dating-websites but they have mainly been scams. Physically singles-clubs have awful people there. How can i measure the nbrs if i can’t meet ?



  • Cams

    Hey Bruce – looking forward to seeing you in SA. Thanks for yet another wonderfully inspiring video.

  • Chris Dias

    Thanks Bruce, great lesson,I shall be working on these points.Looking forward to more goal tips. Thanks again.

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