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Earlier this week, I was coaching a friend who was complaining how he struggles to consistently do visualization exercises each morning.

When I asked him why he struggles, he delivered his usual response, “I have a discipline problem”.

I had to contain myself from laughing as I slowly and deliberately responded with, “Really…”

I quizzed him as to where I could find his “discipline problem” and suggested that he might consider getting it seen to by a doctor!

You get the idea…

Every day we all tell ourselves stories about ourselves and our lives that are complete lies.

My friend does not have a ‘discipline problem’.

If I cut him open and looked inside his head, I am certain that I would not find a ‘discipline problem’.

His ‘discipline problem’ exists only in his thoughts about himself, but not in reality.

I like this example because it perfectly illustrates how we create our world in a very literal way through our thinking. My friend’s thoughts about his imaginary ‘discipline problem’ actually cause him to act in a way that keeps him stuck.

“You Have No Problems”

So how can my friend fix his discipline problem?

The first thing I explained to him was that in reality, there was NO discipline problem at all, so in reality there was nothing to fix.

The moment he saw this for himself, I could almost hear the sound of his mind creaking as it expanded to accommodate this new idea. A second later, I saw the lights go ON in his mind and he got it.

My friend saw that each time he listened to his voice in his head telling him to skip his daily visualization session, he sold out on himself and more importantly, he sold out on accomplishing his dreams and living the life that he had recently designed.

My coaching was, “When you stop telling yourself that you have a problem, your problems magically disappear.”

However, if it were that simple, the world would not have ANY problems…

To get rid of ALL your problems, you need to turn your problems into a blessings.

How To Turn Problems Into Blessings

1. Write down and look at all the BENEFITS of your ‘problem’. Write down everything that you have gained out of having your problem.

2. Don’t stop until you are so totally grateful for your problem that you would not want it to go away if you were to forfeit the benefits you get from the problem.

3. Now that you are grateful for your ‘problem’, be sure to visualize the outcome you want EVERY day. The fastest and easiest way to do this is with my Relaxation For Manifestation program.

If you practice this technique in every area of your life, you’ll come to the conclusion that your life is perfect!

  • Try doing this with your relationships that don’t work…
  • Try it with your financial problem…
  • Use it on your weight problem…

If you authentically make this technique a part of your daily thinking, the way you look at your life will radically shift and you can get a brand new life overnight.


Till next time, count your blessings.


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  • Dave

    OMG! Now I see – my “lack” of money has meant that I don’t have to make any decisions about money! I’m not troubled with money because I’ve let others control it for me – bankers, credit card companies, financial consultants, even my employer – all control money for me!Time for me to re-think my role as “controller” of my own money, and to accept responsibility for money!
    Was that the sound of my brain creaking a little as it expanded just now?

  • Scott

    I am sorry, but I am having a hard time understanding the part about being “thankful” for your problem.

    If one has a “drinking problem” what possibly could be the benefits? And why would one want to hang onto these supposed benefits?

    Can you clarify?

    BRUCE’S REPLY: I have a few recovered alcoholic friends and without exception, each of them is grateful for the life lessons they learned while being an alcoholic. You tell me… What are the benefits to begin an alcoholic. What you resist persists… I didn’t suggest that you hang onto the benefits – just be grateful for them so you stop resisting being an alcoholic. What you resist persists…

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